I’ve noticed a flutter of activity on social media, started by a young creative pair called Holly and Miriam. Clearly a bit of a double act, they got The Chuckle Brothers involved, with Baz Chuckle challenging them on Twitter to fly a hot air balloon together. That, Holly and Miriam hoped, is where we came in.

They decided to combine social media with good old street marketing to get my attention. They wrote me a note, and stuck it up on some posts around Shoreditch, London. Their open letter, complete with a doodle of yours truly as a pigeon and a #BalloonPleaseBranson hastag, reached me here in the BVI. They wanted to borrow a hot air balloon – read their whole note above.

I couldn’t resist replying, with a picture of my own and some puns for good measure. Here’s my response, which I wrote on Necker but made sure we stuck on a post in London too.

A little bird told me a creative double act in Shoreditch were trying to get my attention.

Holly and Miriam, it looks like you’re up for a challenge and your doodle certainly made me Chuckle.

Well, birds of a feather flock together, so of course we’ll let you borrow one of our balloons.

The wonderful Virgin Balloon Flights team are on the case and you’ll soon be enjoying a bird’s eye view.

In the meantime, here’s another portrait to put a cat amongst the pigeons…

I hope you enjoy your balloon flight – and expect you to report back afterwards.


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