All entrepreneurs think differently

Gerald Brennan asked me on Reddit recently which business leader I most admire, and why. When I have been asked similar questions in the past, the first person who springs to mind is the late Steve Jobs.

As the famous tagline in his Apple campaign went, Steve was the embodiment of ‘Think Different’. Despite our hugely differing styles, I love how Steve was able to stimulate such enormous creativity, build such a respected brand and fulfil his vision with real purpose. 
I was fortunate to be included in Apple’s 1997 Think Different campaign, which you can watch above. “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.” However, I think this is an attitude all entrepreneurs who
want to make a real difference share.

There is no secret formula to leadership, and every leader is unique. But what all entrepreneurs have in common is the ability to bring people together while thinking differently. Regardless of method, style or sector, entrepreneurs should empower other people – their team, their customers – with their ideas and their products. Nobody is ever successful alone – and no leader can become great without great people to lead.

Richard Branson and the Virgin Sport team in New York

Entrepreneurs can inspire new movements, create new jobs and stimulate economies. They can encourage people to be more entrepreneurial and sow the seeds for the next generation of job creators and innovators.

Richard Branson and team members at The Virgin Way Co-Lab

As I answered Gerald on Reddit: I admire all entrepreneurs big and small. An entrepreneur is like an artist. They take a blank piece of canvas and fill in all the details to create something unique and special. To all the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs out there, keep thinking differently.


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