65 things that make me happy

Sunday is International Day of Happiness, so in the lead up I’ve decided to answer this #ChallengeRichard sent in by Kamal Sadarangani of Orange County, California: List 65 things that make you happy.

11. Climate action

12. Virgin Mobile Australia’s Meal for a Meal initiative for a meal

13. Reading social media posts

14. Ballooning

15. Gender equality

16. The great work of the Carbon War Room and Rocky Mountain Institute

17. Virgin Hotels Chicago’s LEED Gold certification

18. Lemurs

19. Laughing

20. Fruit and nut chocolate 

21. Reading

22. Looking at old photos

23. Virgin Money’s ambition to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions by 2030

24. Going on adventures

25. Giving

26. Diverse workforces

27. Looking up at the stars

28. Ticking off items on my to-do list

29. The great work of the B Team, The Elders and the OceanElders

30. Parties

Richard Branson Finding Your Roots

31. Watching start-ups grow

32. Swimming with sharks

33. Renewable energy developments

34. Taking a bath

35. Doctor Seuss rhymes

36. Tennis

37. Virgin Atlantic’s partnership with Lanzatech to develop low-carbon fuels

38. Drug policy reform

39. Chess

40. Storytelling

41. The smell of rain

42. Drinking tea

43. Laying in a hammock

44. The Modern Slavery Act addressing slavery in supply chains

45. Writing letters

46. Joan's shepherds pie

47. Meeting people with inspiring stories

48. Exercising

49. Playing tricks on people

50. Tackling rhino and elephant poaching

As an optimist, I could go on and on forever, listing things that make me happy. But I’d rather know what makes you happy? Let’s hear about it in the comments below

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