Four mood-boosting ways to brighten your day

A woman and her daughter practising yoga at home
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Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
18 January 2021

January can be a tough month to get through. Add to that the fact that the UK is back in lockdown and it’s a recipe for a glum mood. But never fear, we’re here to share a few things that will put a smile on your face today.

Get moving

Exercise can make you happier – even if you don’t enjoy doing it. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. As little as half an hour of exercise a day can have a significant impact on your mood.

Not sure where to start? Virgin Active is hosting live workouts on its Instagram channel. You don’t need any equipment, just get yourself ready and get started. Follow Virgin Active to see their weekly timetable for live workouts.

Explore (from home)

Travel is a great stress buster. According to one study, nearly 90% of people said that they felt significantly less stressed after just one or two days of travelling. 

While you might not be able to actually travel at the moment, the lovely people at Virgin Limited Edition are bringing safari to your sofa each week on Instagram Live. Broadcasting from Virgin Limited Edition’s private game reserve Ulusaba, rangers will take you out on a game drive and show you some of the incredible wildlife that call Ulusaba home.

Ulusaba’s rangers and trackers are some of the best in the world and observing, protecting and researching the daily habits of the reserve’s wildlife is still part of their daily routine. So although they can’t take guests out on safari in person right now, they want to share these experiences with the world.

Sofa safari takes place on Virgin Limited Edition’s Instagram page live each Monday at 3.30pm (GMT). Make sure you’re following Virgin Limited Edition so you don’t miss out.

Try something new

Having new experiences is good for you. While trying new things can be daunting, there’s a real rush that you can get from trying something for the first time. Psychologist Rich Walker told Time Magazine that people who have a variety of different life experiences are likely to be happier.

Being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at something new. Always fancied learning how to make chocolate truffles? Now is your chance.

Virgin Experience Days has created a collection of experiences that you can safely enjoy from the comfort of your own home. There are online classes where you can learn skills such as painting, cooking or mindfulness. Or if your New Years resolution was to read more in 2021, you can get cracking with a surprise box of books.

Take a look at all of the experiences you could enjoy from home on Virgin Experience Days.

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You might just be craving some time to relax and take it easy after a busy day of juggling work responsibilities with homeschooling. Taking time for yourself is important too. Studies show that putting aside some time to relax can help reduce chronic health problems, as well as restoring your energy.

If you need to chill out today, why not have a listen to the Graham Norton Podcast or the Best of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show from Virgin Radio? 

Both podcasts round-up the best bits from each radio show, including celebrity guests and all the fun and games that go on during the shows. The latest podcast from Chris Evans features Eddie Izzard and Keeley Hawes. Why not have a listen now?

Alternatively, if you prefer watching something while you relax, Virgin Media has made a variety of TV channels available at no extra cost for Virgin TV customers. This includes Animal Planet HD, Crime+Investigation HD, Discovery Science, Eurosport 1 and 2 HD, and Sky History.

Plus, Virgin Media has extended free access to the Hopster app to keep pre-school aged children entertained – giving you the perfect opportunity to relax.