Educate and entertain your kids with Hopster on Virgin Media

Hopster logo. One character is hanging from a branch the other is looking upwards and smiling.
Image from Hopster
Asher Harris
by Asher Harris
15 October 2020

Virgin Media has added a new app for kids, Hopster, to its TV V6 box. 

It’ll help educate and entertain the kids when you're all stuck at home so you can work, workout or Zoom in peace. 

It’s designed for kids between two and six years old. You don’t have to worry about any inappropriate content as Hopster is a completely safe, ad-free environment. To make sure of that, Virgin Media got a seal of approval from a group of experts in child education and development. 

There are some classic gems like Pingu and Sesame Street on there. And there are educational shows like Monster Math Squad and Earth to Luna. 

Plus you can introduce your little ones to Shakespeare with the new original series, Two Minute Tales From Shakespeare. The show teaches kids about Bard’s famous plays in a fun, engaging way. 

Virgin Media customers who have the Ultimate Oomph bundle or Kids TV Pick can discover Hopster on their screens right now at no extra cost. Simply press ‘home’ on the Virgin TV remote, select the ‘Games & Apps’ area and jump into Hopster. 

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