5 smart ways to earn points on travel with Virgin Red

A woman in a Virgin Trains Ticketing jumpsuit
Virgin Red
Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
18 April 2023

Spring has sprung and it's time to start thinking about possible destinations for a summer trip. Do you want a beach retreat or city weekender? A road trip to remember or an adventure closer to home? Whatever you're after, it's never been easier to earn Virgin Points on your travels.

Virgin Red members can earn points in a flash with everything from a train trip to booking with some of the travel world’s most popular airlines, hotel sites, and more. Here are five simple ways to start building your Virgin Points pot with travel.

Earn points every time you book a train trip

If a train-hop around Britain sounds like a perfect way to get away, Virgin Red members can earn three points for every £1 spent with Virgin Trains Ticketing on any journey. Whether you're travelling from Leeds to London Kings Cross, fancy a day trip to Manchester, or want to visit the filming locations of your favourite TV shows like Netflix's You, The Crown and Bridgerton - it all adds up to more Virgin Points.

Set sail to earn points with Virgin Voyages

The ocean is your oyster with Virgin Voyages: take your pick from sailing experiences that are brimming with moments of surprise and delight. Each cruise ship comes complete with incredible restaurants, spas and live performance shows – not to mention some seriously beautiful cabins. The best news? As a Virgin Red member, you can earn points with your voyage to the Caribbean.

Earn points on your weekend break with Booking.com 

For a limited time you can earn bonus points when you book accommodation with Booking.com in the UK or Europe with Virgin Red. Booking.com comes with a huge range of options, from chic Ibizan B&Bs to elegant Scottish estates and so much more – all with the potential to earn points. So not only can you find somewhere spot-on to stay in, wherever you’re headed; you can also reel in those Virgin Points as you go.

Earn points with a flight to Paris

There's nothing quite like a taking the short trip across the channel for a romantic jaunt in the City of Light. Marvel at the Louvre's artworks, spoil yourself with a shopping spree on the Triangle d'O,r and indulge in a city full of sweet delights – with the points in your account being the cherry on top of your trip.

Earn up to 4,800 points booking a flight to Paris with Air France from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh. Au revoir!

Earn points with Virgin Balloon Flights 

At Virgin Red, we’re firm believers in extraordinary experiences; which makes a ride with Virgin Balloon Flights something of a must-try event. Float up over the countryside with this most magical mode of travel, basking in spectacular views from every angle. With Virgin Red, you can earn six points for every £1 spent on a hot air balloon ride. All the more reason to get up, up and away. 

Here’s to lifelong travel and never-ending adventure with Virgin Red.