The world sees dyslexia as a disadvantage – it’s not

It’s staggering that only 3 per cent of people see dyslexia as an advantage, according to YouGov research for charity Made By Dyslexia. The founder of the charity, Kate Griggs, is determined to combat the stigma and misinformation about dyslexia. She has spoken for a wonderful Ted Talk, which is well worth a listen. 

She’s focused on changing the perception (or misconception) of dyslexia and helping people understand it for what it is – a different way of thinking. The charity itself is run by dyslexics and brings together many dyslexics who have done amazing things.

I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t dyslexic – I wouldn’t have struggled and dropped out of school to start Student magazine and then Virgin Records.

She explains how dyslexia is caused by a different wiring in the brain and how it enables people to think creatively, laterally and differently. Dyslexic children are often not supported well enough at school and are made to feel lazy and stupid. Made By Dyslexia want to show the world the huge value of dyslexic thinking and reimagine the education system to support children who need it.

Kate says how when children are young they have an amazing excitement for life and think they can achieve anything they put their mind to – but we send them to school and all the creativity is educated out of them.

I completely agree. Dyslexic children are capable of great things and we shouldn’t be teaching our kids to conform, we should be nurturing their talents and encouraging them to chase their dreams. 

In the real world dyslexia can be a huge advantage. This is backed up by the amount of successful entrepreneurs, inventors, writers and leaders who have dyslexia and have gone on to achieve incredible things.

Head over to Made By Dyslexia to learn more about their mission. 


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