Like A Dyslexic

Every now and then you come across something so inspiring that you can’t help but share it. This was certainly the case with this wonderful idea from 12-year-old Isley, who has severe dyslexia.

She struggles in school just like I did, staying quiet in the classroom, and feeling dejected. Then she began to learn about the amazing things dyslexic people have gone on to achieve in life. She decided to share her experience, and make a brilliant video in the process.

Isley is determined to use her dyslexia as motivation and see her condition as a gift, just like some of the dyslexic people in her video did. She’s going to fly like the Wright Brothers, make discoveries like Professor Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, sing like John Lennon, make films like Steven Spielberg, write like Roald Dahl and Maya Angelou, create businesses like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, paint masterpieces like Leonardo Da Vinci, cook like Jamie Oliver, act like Keira Knightley and Will Smith, play like Michael Jordan and dream like Walt Disney. She’s going to fly #likeadyslexic.

Image from Isley

Isley’s mum wrote to me saying that one of the main problems with dyslexia is a misunderstanding of the condition, which leads to people feeling ashamed to be dyslexic. She said that some kids prefer to fail rather than admit to the shame of being dyslexic. While awareness about dyslexia is growing, it can still hold so many people back.

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But with videos like Isley’s, the word is spreading that dyslexics can ‘Shake the Shame’ and see all of the positives of being dyslexic. I see my condition as a gift, not a disability. It has helped me learn the art of delegation, focus my skills, and work with incredible people.

It is no surprise that some of the brightest minds and most talented people of all time have been dyslexic. Isley, they are in good company with you. To join Isley’s campaign, share your own dyslexia stories using the hashtag #likeadyslexic.


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