Get, save, go: How to use Virgin Trains Ticketing

A woman in a Virgin Trains Ticketing jumpsuit
Virgin Red
by Limara Salt
2 January 2024

Whether you use trains for the daily commute, a fun day out, or are planning a few weekends away, every journey is an opportunity to knock pounds off future train travel with the Virgin Points you earn on your tickets. 

That’s right – if you purchase tickets for journeys you were going to take anyway with Virgin Trains Ticketing, you’ll earn three points per £1. Better yet, if you happen to have 200 Virgin Points or more, you could save money on your booking. Virgin Trains Ticketing and Virgin Red can take you further – find out how to use the app and get the most from your train journeys. There are also other ways to save like zero booking fees and split ticket options - what more can you ask for?  

How to start earning points on your train travel: 

  1. Download the Virgin Trains Ticketing app 

  2. Sign up or sign into Virgin Red  

  3. Buy your ticket with Virgin Trains Ticketing and see all your points on one place 

How to unlock discounts by spending points on your train travel: 

  1. Open the Virgin Trains Ticketing app 

  2. Find tickets for your journey (don’t forget to add a railcard if you have one!) 

  3. Choose your journey from the search results  

  4. In the ‘payment’ section, click ‘Choose your saving’ to see your options 

  5. Click ‘Discount price in full’ or ‘Choose your discount’, then click ‘Apply Virgin Points to checkout’ 

  6. Complete your purchase 

  7. You’re good to go! 

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or want to unlock some discounts in the run-up to spring, there’s loads to do and see with Virgin Trains Ticketing. From an amazing weekend in Leeds and experiencing the best of Bristol to seeing some of your favourite TV shows in real life and heading north of the border to Glasgow and Edinburgh, Britain is your oyster.  

Get, save, go – sign up to Virgin Red and download Virgin Trains Ticketing today to unlock the potential of Virgin Points.  

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