(00)7 ways to live a life more Bond with Virgin Red rewards

Gin martini
Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
5 October 2021

How James Bond do you feel, on a scale of 1 to 10? If you’re a little more “meh” than “racing an Aston Martin DB5 through the valleys of the Côte d’Azur” right now, fear not – Virgin Red can help. The new rewards club from Virgin is positively spilling over with rewards to make your life more thrilling, more glamorous, and more 007-esque. 

It’s perhaps no surprise when you consider the close connection that Virgin has with recent James Bond blockbusters. Richard Branson himself appears in Casino Royale, in a cameo role alongside his son Sam, as they pass through Miami airport. Meanwhile, the beautiful pool at Virgin Active, Canary Wharf, took centre stage in Skyfall, while Virgin Atlantic found its moment of fame in Quantum of Solace.  

With No Time To Die – the latest Bond flick – hitting the big screen this month, come raise a Martini to the seven most dazzling experiences that you can spend and earn Virgin Points on.

Book a ticket to Vue for No Time To Die – 1,350 points

Naturally to get in the James Bond spirit, the first thing you need to do is actually watch his latest film. As a Virgin Red member, you can book a ticket to Vue for just 1,350 points. See Daniel Craig strut his stuff in his last appearance as the eponymous spy. With filming locations spread from Jamaica to London, Scotland and Italy – and a script written with help from Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge – the new 007 blockbuster promises to be a non-stop blast. 

Earn points on an Aston Martin Replica DB5 Driving Blast - 10 points / £1

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

James Bond is rarely seen minus an iconic Aston Martin, and No Time To Die features no fewer than four models of the car. You too can get in the high-speed groove with a stunning day out from Virgin Experience Days

Granted you won’t be smashing into trains, or dodging half a renegade militia enroute like Bond himself. Yet there are still plenty of thrills to be had, as you take an exquisite Aston Martin for a three-mile blast around a race track, an  instructor by your side. With Virgin Red, you can earn 10 points for every £1 spent on this experience: so you get to top up your Virgin Points wallet while making like 007. Win. 

Live your best VIP life with a helicopter flight – 9,500 points

Few Bond films are complete without a helicopter or two in the mix; usually with the man himself hanging perilously from the landing skids, 100ft in the air. With Virgin Experience Days, you can expect a calmer – but no less exhilarating – ride, as you take to the air for a 12-mile helicopter journey with stunning views all around. 

You’ll feel like a total star as you cruise along at 120mph, chatting to the pilot as you go via your headset. This adventure is all about high-octane glam: the ultimate James Bond homage, available with Virgin Red for 9,500 points

Get shaken not stirred by earning points on a gin masterclass for two - 10 points / £1

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

James Bond’s go-to tipple, the Vesper Martini, comes with a fair whack of gin (shaken, not stirred). So it’s only right that you get in the zone with a Virgin Experience Days’ gin masterclass for two. You can earn 10 Virgin Points for every £1 spent on this experience with Virgin Red, which is all the more reason to get stuck in. 

Learn all about the history and distilling process behind this juniper delight of a drink, with a handful of tastings from a gin connoisseur to fuel you on (it’s only polite, after all). It’s fair to say James Bond never seems to have time to line his stomach on the big screen, but luckily you can: this experience comes with snacks and a delicious meal to wash down all those botanical flavours with. 

While we’re on the topic, no Bond Martini is not complete without a dash of vodka; and this bottle of Black Cow English Milk Vodka from Virgin Wines, available for 5,750 points, fits the bill perfectly. It’s also the basis for another cinematic cocktail: the legendary White Russian. 

Learn a language online to power up your travels – 6,250 points

Ever the cosmopolitan spy, James Bond is fluent in French, Italian and German, with a CV that also boosts conversational Russian and Greek. OK, it’ll take you a little time to match his linguistic superpowers – but the dream is in reach thanks to Virgin Red’s learn a language online reward for 6,250 points

Choose from introductory Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, French or Polish courses from Virgin Experience Days, and hone your language skills; as well as learning about a whole new culture. Like Bond, you’ll be travelling the world in no time (preferably not with assassins in hot pursuit, however). 

Turn pilot for the day and earn points with a light aircraft flying lesson  - 10 points / £1

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Flying a plane is like walking for James Bond: he has zero problem grappling the controls from some baddie or other, and taking command in the most chaotic of situations (as the plane disappears over a cliff, for instance). 

With Virgin Experience Days, you can finesse your own flying skills with a one-on-one flying lesson that counts towards your Private Pilot's Licence. Earn 10 points for every £1 spent on this experience with Virgin Red, and give your Virgin Points balance a boost as you take to the skies.

This is a fabulous introduction to light aircraft flying, taken in the company of a Civil Aviation Authority-licensed instructor and with jaw-dropping scenery along the way. Better still, there are zero villains to contend with – James Bond, eat your heart out. 

Flex those abs with a Virgin Active Online+ membership – 13,500 points

What with all the ski chasing, rooftop scrambling and swimming with sharks that he does, James Bond needs to be in pretty good shape. You can join him in sweating it out with a Virgin Active Online+ Annual Membership – available for Virgin Red for just 13,500 points. 

Workout anywhere, any time with 200+ on demand classes including Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, Dance Grid Training and Boxing. More than enough to rival Bond with his high-calibre training antics. 

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