Wearable technology that combats jetlag

Scientists in Australia have created a new device to help combat jetlag when travelling.

The Re-Timer device sits on your face like a pair of glasses and blasts UV-free green light into your eyes to help adjust circadian rhythms, or ‘body clock’, which will help to reduce the effects of jetlag. It can also help you to stay up longer at night or wake up earlier in the morning, as well as helping insomniacs.

Fatigue from lack of sleep has many negative effects on health. Scientists from Oxford and Cambridge have found links between a lack of sleep and serious diseases including cancer, heart disease and type two diabetes.

However, it’s not only health that lack of sleep affects – it can also impact the economy, as it lowers productivity and increases sick days. And it can affect children’s ability to learn and even cause sports players’ performance to deteriorate.

Image from Re-Timer

Users of Re-Timer simply wear the device for up to 50 minutes in the morning when they first wake up to move their body clock forward, or before going to bed to help them stay up longer.

The device could also help to fight the winter blues, as it helps to reset the body clock and improves users’ mood at a time when people are more likely to become depressed due to lack of sunlight.


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