Is this human carrying drone the transport of the future?

Most people are in agreement that the future will see swarms of drones flying across our skies. But could they also be used to carry people?

One company in China seems to think so. At CES2016 in Las Vegas last week, Ehang revealed what it claims is the world’s first autonomous helicopter drone.

The Ehang 184 is a 440-pound, eight rotor aircraft that the company claims is able to lift a single person 500 metres into the air and fly them to any point on Google Maps – as long as it can be reached within the 23 minutes battery limit.

However, it might not arrive as soon as the four month prediction made by CFO Shang Hsiao in an interview with WIRED – the drone will have to have to go through rigorous testing to get anywhere near a public rollout and under current conditions in the UK it would be impossible to fly legally.

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