Virgin Trains introduces new technology to help with disruption

Virgin Trains is introducing new technology to improve customer service during times of disruption on the rails.

A website, Track ‘n’ Travel, is available for all Virgin Trains customers. It is a one-stop shop for customers to review their journey in real time and get advice when there is disruption.

And an app, Back on Track, is exclusively available to Virgin Trains employees and will enable teams behind the scenes and on the frontline to communicate during times of disruption. This improved communication and coordination means that people on the frontline will have accurate information to share with customers. This could include details of alternative routes and information on where their tickets will be accepted.

Virgin Trains Track 'n' Travel app

With this new tehcnology Virgin Trains’ customers will receive up-to-date information when they need it most.

“Our main problem at times of disruption is simple – thousands of Virgin Trains colleagues trying to find out the latest information to communicate to as many as 100,000 customers,” chief information officer John Sullivan says. “Our control centre can get a thousand calls a day from staff across the network during disruption. If the information they need is instantly available on their mobile, there’s no need to make that call, freeing up control to deal with the root cause.”

It’s estimated that calls to inbound teams at the contact centre could be reduced by as much as 50 per cent thanks to this new technology. This could reduce the time to resolve incidents by at least 20 minutes.

Virgin Trains Back on Track app

“By getting the most up-to-date information to all our colleagues we ensure that they know what the latest plan is,” Sullivan adds. “Less time on the phone means they can spend more time helping customers face to face, and they can feed information about the situation on the ground back to Control via the app.

“Track ‘n’ Travel gives customers real time information on exactly what is happening and lets them work out the best route. Disruption inevitably does happen – we want to give our customers the best information to get them wherever they’re going in the quickest and safest way possible.”

Find out more and book your next trip on the Virgin Trains website.

Article updated July 8th: An earlier version of this article stated that Virgin Trains was Track 'n' Travel as an app, not a website


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