Virgin Media to the rescue with lightning-fast broadband

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s Project Lightning roll-out is connecting thousands of people to ultra-fast broadband for the first time – reaching some of the UK’s remote communities.

In a small village in Midlothian, Virgin Media has introduced the ultra-fast broadband network which had speeds of up to 362Mbps for residents and local businesses.

This means that not only will broadband speed jump from just 22Mbps, lives will be transformed as streaming becomes much easier with less buffering moments for users.

With the advent of the newest WiFi, locals in Midlothian’s Danderall in Scotland will now be able to download a standard HD movie file (5GB) in just two minutes, compared to more than 30 minutes on the average local connection. For gamers, the increased speed is life changing. People can now download a 25GB console game in just 10 minutes, compared to the previous download time of around two hours 40 minutes.

Virgin Media is also reaching Wales’ lush valleys. The villages of Pontyclun can now experience broadband speeds 11 times faster than the local average thanks to the lightning rollout. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. Cabling an area is tricky and can be a complex engineering task, especially tricky when building close to bridges, and there were challenges around Pontyclun. Thus, this was a huge achievement considering the structural situation needed to install these cables.

Alan Bristow, build director for South of England and South Wales at Virgin Media, said: “Local residents and businesses in Pontyclun can now reap the benefits of the UK’s fastest widely available broadband speeds. Making use of Openreach ducts has helped to make this build possible and give the local area faster, more reliable, connectivity.

“We will consider using their ducts again so that more areas of the UK get a much deserved broadband boost from Virgin Media.”

Residents in both Danderall and Pontyclun can also benefit from Virgin Mobile’s fast 4G connectivity, which for pay monthly customers includes data free Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, as well as the ability to rollover unused data each month and have unlimited data packages.

Virgin Media's ultrafast network delivers the fastest widely-available broadband speeds to homes and businesses, and they're expanding this through their Project Lightning programme, which could extend their network to serve up to 17 million premises.


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