Virgin Media Ireland adds voice control to TV Anywhere app

Searching for a show or a movie that you want to watch can be a time consuming task, but now Virgin Media Ireland customers can find and play their favourites using voice commands.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling through hundreds of channels to find the show you’re looking for. App users can access their favourite content quicker than ever by simply clicking the microphone icon in the app and speaking into their smartphone microphone. Voice search will allow users to access almost all the content on their TV package by simply saying ‘find’ followed by a TV show, movie title, or genre. Users will also be able to directly command the app to instantly stream their favourite TV channels by saying ‘play’ followed by a channel that is available on their package such as TV3, RTE or Be3.


Virgin TV Anywhere allows Virgin Media customers to tune into their favourite channels, shows and movies while on the go. It allows users of the app to record conent remotely with the click of a button – simple!

“Once again Virgin Media is making it even easier for customers to access all their favourite content with the addition of voice search and voice commands to the Virgin TV Anywhere app,” Paul Gilsenan, product manager at Virgin Media Ireland, said. “This improved search function means customers can simply tap on the microphone icon and speak into their phone and search for content by show, genre, or movie title – as well as being able to search for all their favourite TV shows and documentaries.”

Find out more on the Virgin Media Ireland website.

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