Remember the rules of flushing on Virgin Trains

If you’re travelling on Virgin Trains this year, please remember the three Ps of flushing – pee, poo and paper, that’s all that should go down the toilet.

In 2018, Virgin Trains found a bra, glasses, wedding rings, nappies and even a Manchester United scarf blocking the toilets on its trains.

On a typical day, around four toilets are taken out of service because of inappropriate use – this equates to more than 18,000 lost toilet hours per year and a repair bill of more than £182,000.

However, despite the more unusual items that Virgin Trains discovered blocking their loos, the wet wipe is the biggest culprit. Accounting for more than 90 per cent of blockages, even wipes labelled as ‘flushable’ can cause problems onboard with the woven material clogging the internal pipes leading to the effluent tanks.

“It did make us smile when we found the bra as it’s not something you would expect to find,” Michael Jacks, head of fleet and engineering at Virgin Trains, said. “But it does highlight a very serious issue, and one that greatly impacts on our customers. Bins are provided, and we would remind our customers to follow the three Ps of flushing. Only pee, poo and paper should be flushed down any toilet.”

When you’re travelling with Virgin Trains this year you’ll notice signs reminding you what not to flush down the toilet so make sure you’re paying attention and remember the three Ps.


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