Free WiFi for Virgin Media Ireland mobile customers

Virgin Media Ireland mobile customers can now benefit from free and unlimited WiFi access at more than 900 Bitbuzz hotspots across Ireland and the UK.

Super speedy Bitbuzz WiFi is available in locations such as Insomnia, Costa Coffee and various hotels and pubs across Ireland and now Virgin Mobile customers can use these hotspots for free. All you need is a WiFi enabled phone and to complete the quick registration form and you’re off.

“We are delighted to bring the benefits of this high-speed Wi-Fi broadband service to our Virgin Mobile customers. It’s never been easier to stay connected whilst on the go with our unlimited, free Bitbuzz Wi-Fi hotspot service,” Elain McCarthy, mobile product development manager at Virgin Media, said. “It’s really going to help out all those Pokémon trainers out there as it means that they can play Pokémon Go to their hearts content without worrying about racking up their data usage.”

This news comes hot on the heels of the launch of Virgin’s new 4G service. “Our mobile offer is growing and having launched free 4G for all mobile customers, introduced a new range of handsets and now offering free WiFi hotspots to all our mobile customers – it’s impossible not to enjoy free speedy Virgin Media WiFi on the go,” McCarthy added.

Bitbuzz is a WiFi network operator owned by Virgin Media that provides services to more than 900 locations across Ireland and the UK. To find out where you can benefit from Virgin Media Ireland’s free WiFi, check out the available locations.


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