The oddest ever cover versions

In the same manner us normal humans offer our friends cups of tea, one of the biggest compliments a musician can give to another is to cover another’s song. But sometimes, that compliment can go slightly back-handed, and we end up with this bunch of bizzare cover versions you may not have known exist... 

Bono – Get Lucky

When Daft Punk released Get Lucky in the summer of 2013, the world rejoiced in funky unision. This was the dance-pop hit we’d all been waiting for since Hey Ya, and it wasn’t long before the internet was spawning dedication videos all over the shop.

One dedication we perhaps hadn’t been expecting, was by Flea and Bono of U2, who turned up on stage with Nile Rodgers (co-writer of the song & all round amazing lead singer of Chic). Judging by the video, it looks like Bono’s winging the words somewhat, but thankfully, the audience were on hand to help him out.

Pete Doherty & Keane – Karma Chameleon

ARGH. ARGH. In our wildest nightmares, why?! And might we add, ARGH. In the same manner as a sympathetic friend may sit with an expectant mother to watch a child-birth video, we watch this video for a second time to bring it to you.

 Performed on a French television station some years ago in secret, did shadows of the great indie guitar-band boom of the early 2000s get back together, join 'forces' and cover the ‘80s reggae-funk classic that used to be instilled in our hearts; Boy George’s Karma Chameleon BEHIND OUR BACKS. Back in the day, we imagine the bad-boy Libertine wouldn’t have been caught dead with the piano-laden ballad band, which is why we’re not entirely sure that this wasn’t spawned from French TV, but in fact, a parallel universe far, far away...   

Limp Bizkit - Faith

Statistically, at least one of you reading this has butchered George Micheal’s famous single to death at karaoke at some point. The good news is, it was probably more tuneful than nu-metal rockers Limp Bizkit’s version, which they frequently cover in concert to attract a more varied audience. It’s a bit jumpier than the original, and we suspect there is slight irony in the fact that George Micheal probably doesn’t have faith in this. 

tATu – How Soon is Now?

Previously on the careers of tAtu: These were the Russian lesbian schoolgirls who were quite famous in the early 2000s for their power pop storm All the Things She Said. Although the girls’ sexuality was a PR twist, the pop music spoke for itself, and this later cover of The Smiths’ apocalyptic How Soon is Now was a commercial success; well the lyrics certainly suit angst-ridden teenage girls. Even Morrissey himself said to an interviewer how marvellous he thought it was, but didn’t quite know who they were. “The Russian lesbians.” The interviewer explained.  “Well, aren’t we all?” Morrissey replied.

Christopher Walken – Poker Face

Critically acclaimed actor Christopher Walken’s unique, and somewhat moving spoken word portrayal of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is a heart-tugging moment in British TV, especially the bit where he goes “Oh” a lot, which we believe was nominated for several Laurence Oliver awards.

Jude Law also did his tear-jerking take on the piece of pop poetry too. His delivery of "Bluffin with my Muffin" is much like how we imagine Hamlet himself might say it. 

What are the oddest cover versions you secretly love? Let us know below.


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