Mike Oldfield hits No.1 in Spotify Viral Chart

As we're sure you know, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells is historic for being Virgin Records' debut record. Now, 40 years on, Mr Oldfield has hit the No.1 spot with his track Nuclear on the Spotify Viral Charts. 

The Spotify Viral Charts are one of the more interesting ways to accurately define what is popular in the music charts, by combining the amount of times a song has been streamed and dividing that with the amount of times the song has been shared by users during the week. 

This time, Virgin Records' very own Mike Oldfield saw his new single Nuclear (rather appropriately) rocket to the No.1 spot. This follows the success of Tubular Bells No.1 placing in the official UK charts back in 1973. The achievement was famous for making Oldfield one of three artists who have ever overtook himself.

Nuclear, released as part of soundtrack to the trailer release of ‘Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain', was written about Oldfield's grandfather's experiences in the First World War. The track, which is part of Oldfield's new album Man on the Rocks, features vocals from The Struts' frontman Luke Spiller and was produced by the legendary Stephen Lipson, who has previously worked with Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox. 

With the big news surfacing that Spotify downloads will finally count as relevant in the UK music charts, perhaps we are about to see a more accurate way of measuring popularity in music.

You can check out Mike Oldfield's latest track Nuclear right here, and below, watch him and Richard Branson have a stroll down memory lane, chatting about the multi-talented musician's 40 year relationship with Virgin Records. 



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