How to create a radio station that looks as good as it sounds

Step inside Virgin Radio Lebanon’s offices or studios and you don’t just get a vague sense of what they stand for as a radio station, it’s a full-blown immersion in their world.

We paid a visit to their HQ and spoke to marketing manager, Jenny Abou Jaoude, who explained how the design of the studios dictate the sounds that come out from them, how their offices influence company culture and the importance of colour in the workplace.

How are the workspaces at Virgin Radio Lebanon (VRL) different from other radio stations?

Virgin Radio’s workspace was designed to complement the brand’s character. VRL’s offices are open workspaces which enables easier communication and partnering. Our offices are larger than other radio stations’ and we have many gadgets that help us bond with each other (darts, TV, play station, tennis, pool table). It is loud, fun and lively, which allows creativity and innovative work.

Why is it important that the studios are different to that of competitors?

It’s important because our work environment helps us express ourselves more creatively! We feel more comfortable and when we know our workspace is the best, we act on top of our own game too. It helps create no boundaries so therefore closer bonds.

Does the design of the studios impact on the shows that are broadcast from them?

Most definitely - because we have the space to experiment, we feel comfy and relaxed and we get inspired by the lively colorful room itself. Also, it is more dynamic with how we present the show throughout the space we have, especially as it is decked out with the most advanced technologies for a radio station.

How would you describe the culture at VRL? Is it influenced by the space in which the team works?

The culture is certainly influenced by the workspace. A strong company culture was embedded in our workspace since the day we opened, which allowed us to attract a fantastic team. As Sir Richard Branson says: "There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated."

The best thing in our workspace is our relationship with each other. The management is flexible and fun, which helps employees become their better self by treating each other as responsible adults who know their duties and deliver their work on time no matter how they’re spending it. At Virgin Radio there are NO JUDGEMENTS! All political, sexual and religious views are accepted and welcomed and do not at all interfere in work relationships.

We are all outspoken and feel comfortable to speak to each other about anything! Also, our shows are all based on humour which connects us all, regardless of our differences. An important factor in a workspace is how happy employees are, which makes them more loyal to the brand and more productive. I can say that our workspace is a direct reflection of us: Open, fun and creative.

What's the best thing about your workspace?

Virgin Radio offices feel like home, you can always come after working hours to the office and find an employee or two, either watching DVDs, playing PS4 or working, for the simple reason that they had to spend their whole day at the beach because their friend from Canada came and they wanted to spend some quality time with them!

What one thing would you change about your workspace?

I would add a meeting lounge which would reflect our company culture to our potential customers and make them feel they’re in their own space. A vibrant welcoming meeting lounge targeted for our clients would make an additional selling point and strengthen our relationship.


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