VOOM Tour 2017 - what have we learnt so far?

The VOOM Tour bus is currently enjoying a well-deserved summer break before getting back on the road to complete the 2017 tour, which will see it visit cities from Birmingham to Dundee. But before it all starts up again in Manchester on September 6th, let’s take a look at what we’ve learnt so far...

Each leg of the tour sees the Virgin Media Business team invite a host of business experts and previous VOOM contestants to share their knowledge with local entrepreneurs, below you’ll find a selection of the best advice we’ve come across so far.

Learn to tell a good story - Crowdfunder’s Guy Hayler on creating the perfect campaign.

"A lot of people will back a project based on the story before even looking at the rewards. It’s important to show what you’re doing and why you’re doing it," explains Guy. "Make sure the story comes through, it’s such a competitive world out there, and there are thousands of projects on the site so you’ve got to make sure that yours captures people’s imagination."

Create an experience - Emma Gribben, founder of Digital by Emma, on digital marketing.

Marketing of all kinds is about creating an experience and with digital the scope is even greater, with technology enabling you to do so much more. "Give [your audience] something new and exciting," says Emma. "We are consuming digital content all the time so you need to find what is unique about your business."

Be relevant - Katie Kilbrun of LondonMedia on how to approach journalists as an entrepreneur.

"You need to identify the right journalists or influencers and be relevant. Blanket emails are rarely effective so it’s best to identify one person at a time - ideally a journalist or influencer who has written something similar before - and then take a personal approach.

"Also, think visually. Newspapers - particularly their online versions - are hungry for high quality images and well shot video content. Good visual collateral can help push your story over the line from interest to coverage."

Be open to learning - Paul Bojarski, founder of Sceenic and previous VOOM contestant, on how to get the most out of entering VOOM.

"Come with a lot of optimism and be prepared to learn - that's how you'll get the most out of VOOM. Coming in thinking that you know it all or that you're already a great business, come and network, share with people, help other people and people will be willing to help you. But come ready to learn, with two or three problems that you're facing in your business that you want to solve and VOOM will be able to encourage you and help you with those."

If you’d like to find out more about the tour, check out our handy interactive map or head over to the Virgin Media Business website.


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