Voom Podcast - Ethical food with Green & Blacks, FoodCloud and GrowUP

The Voom Podcast returns for series three with a food industry special. Nikki Bedi is joined by Craig Sams - the fair trade pioneer behind Green & Black's chocolate - as well as social entrepreneur and previous Voom competition finalist Iseult Ward, whose company FoodCloud is on a mission to tackle food waste and end food poverty.


The pair discuss the balance between profit and purpose, sharing stories of successes and failures along the way. Plus we hear about the futuristic concept of vertical farming from Kate Hofman, co-founder of GrowUp - whilst roving VOOM reporter Chris Reed shares the latest from the the Voom Tour 2017.

If you want to find out more about the tour, then check out our dedicated Voom Tour 2017 section where you can read a preview of next week’s Manchester stop.

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