The Virgin Podcast - Richard Newton

Joining me on the Virgin Podcast this week, where we have tech entrepreneur and author, Richard Newton...

The way of life for which we have been trained is vanishing, he says. Until now the path to the good life was assured by conforming – by suppressing individuality, by being ‘normal’ and predictable.

But robots will soon be doing the jobs that required these qualities. What will be desired are the qualities robots can't yet replicate: creativity, compassion, empathy, curiosity, emotional intelligence, playfulness.

"We are witnessing the end of meat machines and the rise of human beings," he says. "And we are on the verge of a creative revolution. To be future proof in this world of constant, rapid change we must adopt the liberated, individual behaviour of artists, entrepreneurs and inventors."

You can check out The End Of Nice by Richard Newton here.

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