The Virgin Podcast - Nick Wheeler

On this week's Virgin Podcast I meet the man behind the iconic Jermyn Street shirt band, Charles Tyrwhitt. That man is Nick Wheeler – or, to give him his full name: Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler. So now you know how the brand got its name.

If you want to be taken seriously, thinks Nick, you need to look the part - and he's been enabling people to do just that since setting up the company in 1986. We discuss who looks good in the world of politics and who doesn’t, and how it affects the way they are perceived.

Nick’s been close to bankruptcy twice, yet both times he’s come back to establish a fashion house whose lines are desired around the world. Although Nick says he’s been in the wrong business – shirts, unlike most things, cost the same now as they did twenty years ago.


Running your own business, he says, is like having an additional child in the family. And a little bit of trivia for you... Nick Wheeler lined up alongside Boris Johnson in the front row of his school rugby team way back when.

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