The Virgin Podcast - Charles Hoskinson

"Machines will be arbitrating in court". Now there’s a thought! But cryptographer Charles Hoskinson says such a reality is not so far away...

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"The digitization of identity will get revved up over the next two to five years," he tells me in this week’s Virgin podcast. "Once you have identity, then you quite naturally have contract rights and property rights. These token will be as good as a land or car deed of ownership"

Image credit: Charles Hoskinson

Charles was a founder of two of the most important companies in the bitcoin space – Ethereum and Bitshares. He is now CEO of fintech start-up Input-Output, as well as being one of the most articulate people in the world on the subject of bitcoin and bitcoin tech.

You may have to listen to this interview twice to take it all in. I know I did.

You will soon, he says, be able to vote in elections "from your cell phone in a way that is ten times more secure than the current US or UK system, at a fraction of the cost, fraud free and instantly auditable, in a way that even the government can’t manipulate. There are huge implications for governance."

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