The 10 minute confidence trick

Something people often believe is that you are either born with a lot of confidence or you are born with very little confidence. I want to show you that this isn't true...

Do you want to increase your business's sales? Do you want to hire great people to work for your company? Do you want to develop relationships and partnerships with other people or companies in your industry? Having confidence is an asset and a skill that can help you accomplish your business goals.

Anyone can become confident, and confident people can lose confidence over time if they don't do things that push them outside of their comfort zones. To become confident, all you need is the right advice and a willingness to put that advice into action. I want to share with you one quick tip that will help you become more confident. Not only will this tip help you become more confident, but it will also directly help your business as well.

Is there someone who is very successful you really want to email, but you've been reluctant to contact? Are you not contacting that person because you think you aren't successful enough or don't have enough experience to reach out? Does the thought of emailing that person cause some fear, even if it might really help your business?

I came to realize that rejection is a huge part of business and a huge part of life. 

Though sending that email might seem scary right now, I want to beg you to do it. Here's a story that might help you see why sending that email, and continuing to send emails like it often in the future will help your confidence and your business.

I contact famous people and people whose successes are much more vast and impressive than mine all of the time. At first, sending an email to successful people was scary, but over time it became less scary and yielded some great results for my career and business projects. One time I decided to send an email to Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, asking if I could interview him.

A few days passed, and I got no response, which is what I was expecting. However, after some more time went by, I got a response from Jack's secretary saying she would do everything she could to set up a time for me. When I got this email, I felt awesome, and I was also a little shocked. Me, someone who had very little success and experience with entrepreneurship, was going to have the chance to interview Jack Dorsey. This was a great opportunity and a great boost to my confidence.

Now, why did I tell this story? You might be thinking that the email I sent to Jack and the response from his secretary were the most important parts of the story, but what I did prior to emailing Jack was actually much more important. Before I sent the email, I had been reaching out to people who are much more successful than me. Each of these emails probably took 10 or fewer minutes to write. Most of the time, I wouldn't get a response. And when I did get a response, it would be how the person I had emailed was not interested in speaking with me or did not have the time to speak with me.

Fear is an emotion that can ruin confidence

While it might seem counterintuitive, having the vast majority of my emails be rejected actually gave a huge boost to my confidence. The first couple of rejections definitely stung and hurt a bit, but after a while I was no longer afraid of being rejected. I came to realize that rejection is a huge part of business and a huge part of life. Even if people way more successful than me only responded to my emails one percent of the time, and 99 percent of the time they rejected my emails, those responses had the potential to have a huge affect on my business and career.

Fear is an emotion that can ruin confidence. By sending these emails to famous and successful people, I learnt how to conquer my fear of rejection.

Right now, it probably seems scary to send an email to someone in your industry that you look up to or that is much more successful than you. Even though this seems scary, I want to encourage you and plead with you to send that email, and to send many more emails like it. Once you send a few emails to famous or extremely successful people, you will probably receive many rejections. When you realize and experience how rejection is not too bad or scary, your confidence will grow and increase to new heights.

Plus, every once in a while, in a sea of rejection, you will get a response from someone saying that he or she would like to help you or speak with you. These responses, though rare, will help your confidence no end. They will show you that even though you might not yet be as successful as them, they people still value you and want to help you realize your dreams.

Every one of these emails you write shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. For 10 minutes of your time, you can increase your confidence and help your business succeed in the process as well. These connections you make, because of the confidence you build up, will help your business tremendously.

If you'd like to learn more about being confident, head over to ConfidenceCo.

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