In focus: The future of robotics and AI

In a break from our regular scheduled programming we have decided to bring you a special In focus series, on an area that is set to change virtually every aspect of how we live - robotics and artificial intelligence.

Doing so in partnership with the leading robotics, AI, and innovation hub - Think Big Festival - we have curated some of the most powerful minds in the space to future gaze and give us their unique perspectives.

Entrepreneurship, music, travel, health, communication - the list of fields that are bracing themselves for change is endless, but what will it look like? Earlier this year research was released that detailed 47 per cent of jobs in the US are under threat of being automated in the next 10 years. We believe this alarming figure is the tip of the iceberg and in partnership with Think Big Festival we aim to further explore how advancements in this area will, for better or worse, alter our way of life.

Could AI replace the IT help desk?

A robot could be the one to tell you to switch your computer off and on again after your next tech support call, thanks to new artificial intelligence research at Google.

Five ways your life is already being altered by artificial intelligence

This summer the great and the good of robotics and artificial intelligence will be gathering at Think Big Festival, as they look ahead to how the future of these two fields will shape our lives. But how are we already interacting with AI on a day to day basis?

Can robotic fish save our seas?

As an American reporter covering hi-tech in Israel, I had met a lot of brilliant entrepreneurs, but when I heard about a guy who had built two-meter tall humanoid robots all by himself, I had to meet him...

What does the history of robot patents reveal about our love of machines?

In the past five years the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued nearly 2,500 patents that included the word “robot” in its title. Though seemingly an impressive quantity, what does such a statistic truly tell us?

Inside the wonderful inventions of Dr. Torch

When we hear about the future of technology, most people picture sci-fi like robots taking over the world, or maybe you have a tamer picture of Rosie from the Jetsons cleaning your home and helping you get your kids off to school?

How artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise

We are entering an exciting new stage for artificial intelligence, especially in relation to putting AI to work in business and enterprise...

Why cars will undergo the same reinvention as cell phones

In 2015 you can buy a car that will automatically keep itself within a lane, safely spaced from vehicles around it. It will sense pedestrians and stop itself if you don’t react quickly enough. It can even back a trailer for you...

Five questions that need answering about the future of robotics and AI

1. What careers should humans be focused on and training for to ensure long term employment?


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