How Virgin Radio Lebanon looks after the wellbeing of its staff

Working in live broadcasting has the potential to be very stressful. There are a number of things that could go very wrong. But Jenny Abou Jaoude, marketing manager at Virgin Radio Lebanon, says that although it’s a busy station and workloads are often heavy, stress isn’t something that their staff struggles with.

Long days and shift work involved in broadcasting can also take its toll on staff at radio stations around the world. It’s important, therefore, that managers are looking our for their staff and making sure that the wellbeing of staff is made a priority. Jenny shares her experience of working for Virgin Radio Lebanon…

Since the very beginning in 2013, Virgin Radio Lebanon has created a fun working environment for its employees.

The station holds regular foosball competitions, yoga sessions surrounded by plants, an annual pyjama day on May 5th, to name just a few of the activities staff are encouraged to participate in. The management has also made a deal with a gym across the street to get the staff excited about working out and getting in shape.

And, if all the work is completed, Virgin Radio Lebanon encourages employees to head home early. This not only encourages good quality work, but also better time management.

All of these initiatives – plus the generous holiday allowance – have had positive results in keeping employees loyal to the station and maintaining a high standard of work.

The Virgin Radio Lebanon team also considers itself more like a family; everyone is incredibly friendly with one another. While there might be heavy workloads in the office, there’s no such thing as stress at the station. Our management is constantly looking for ways to keep this culture alive at our offices and even outside it, as we often go out and have fun as a team.

Technology has definitely helped to create the relaxed and happy culture that we experience at Virgin Radio Lebanon. It makes everything easier and faster – except the PS4 that was introduced for breaks and slows us down a little occasionally. But, as a radio station, having communication as well as production and programming just a button away means that challenges and problems are instantly taken care of, leaving staff stress free.

We see new technologies and trends emerging all the time, but our experience at Virgin Radio has always been positive. Being updated with the newest software makes working from home an emerging option for the staff, which means fewer office hours but more productivity.

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