How training for triathlons helped me learn how to fulfil my potential

Routine, eating healthy, and exercise are all the perfect recipe for fulfilling potential. These three items are the perfect combination to help you fulfill your potential because they are about forming habits and also taking care of yourself.

The taking care of yourself aspect is especially important when it comes to fulfilling potential. There is the common misconception that the best entrepreneurs are machines. People think that the people who make billion dollar companies eat, drink, and sleep work all day, every day.

But the people who do actually work non-stop are less likely to be successful because they turn into their own worst enemy. They end up making poor dietary and lifestyle choices because they end up feeling guilty when they stop working. Having an “on” and “off” switch is important. And it’s making sure that you aren’t draining your energy and having an “off” switch that will help you reach your full potential.

The most successful entrepreneurs reach their full potential by having that “off” switch, which typically leads to them forming health and wellness routines.

While I no longer compete, the way that I formed my health and wellness routines came from training for triathlons. I highly recommend that you find a sport like triathlon or even focus on trying to get to the gym even just three days per week. If you start training for a triathlon or going to the gym often, you’ll not only begin forming great, healthy habits, but you will also teach yourself to have the important “off” time that stops you from burning out. When you avoid burning out, you have a better shot at reaching your full potential.

The most important lessons that I learned while I chased my triathlon goals around the United States and Europe in college have turned me into a much better and focused business person. Below are some of the key lessons that I learned from trying to race a sport at an elite level:


There is nothing more important than having grit when it comes to reaching your full potential. Luckily, grit is something that you learn over time – and finding a sport like triathlon will help you accelerate your practicing of grit. Grit, learned from sport, teaches you how to get knocked down and come back better. Developing grit is how you learn that obstacles are opportunities.

Obstacles are opportunities

You learn that obstacles are opportunities when you have healthy habits because you learn that when you focus on tasks that you control, rather than an obstacle, you become better, stronger, and faster.

It takes time

Developing healthy habits and routines teaches you that making something better, stronger, and faster takes time. This means that you become a persistent entrepreneur who believes that, even if there isn’t much evidence, whatever you’re doing will eventually produce results. You learn that instant gratification or success isn’t a realistic thing.

You have a better shot at reaching your full potential when you combine routine, eating healthy, and exercise. There are deeper lessons in these items than the obvious health benefits, with the most prevalent being that you will develop a higher level of perseverance and grit. With better perseverance and grit, you’ll be able to look at what’s blocking you and discover more breakthrough or “aha” moments.

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