Hidden grit and four other entrepreneurial secrets driving the success of CreativeLive

Chase Jarvis is the founder and CEO of CreativeLive, an online education platform that provides dynamic educational content to everyone. CreativeLive has received over $51M in funding since its founding in 2010. The platform is a reflection of what Chase finds to be most important skill as an entrepreneur: grit.

Chase was also one of the panelists at Virgin Atlantic’s recent Business is an Adventure event in Seattle, and I was fortunate enough to speak to him after his time on stage. Here’s what you can learn from him.

1. Tell people your interests

When meeting new people, share your interests. The more often you share with people what you enjoy, the more people will connect opportunities related to those interests with your name.

Chase says that you should tell "other people your interests, versus your brand," because your interests will not change much throughout your lifetime. Your brand will always be driven by your interests, but will remain in flux as you change priorities throughout life. Sharing the interests that guide your brand will allow people to understand you on a deeper level and connect more opportunities back to you.

2. Solve a problem you care about

Entrepreneurs frequently advise people to follow their dreams and do what they are passionate about. Often people are too concerned about what others will think once they follow their true passion, but Chase argues he received energy by going against society:

"Passion and energy are highly correlated. If you can align with your passion, your energy becomes a by-product."

If you have ever spoken with someone working passionately on a problem, it’s as if you breathe in their energy. You see excitement in their eyes, their face glows, their voice is strong, and their energy feels as though it flows into your body.

"Do what pulls on the passion string." People love being around others with an amazing attitude and energy.

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3. Get others excited about your ideas

Speaking of energy, leaders need to get and keep people motivated by their ideas.

"It’s important to get people excited about your idea; there’s a belief that you are your own boss, but I’m in the service of everyone who works for me…working with people more talented than I am."

Leaders support their team by bringing new ideas and infectious enthusiasm to the table.

4. Do something today

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Whatever gets you excited, you should seek out opportunities to cultivate that inspiration.

"[There are] so many reasons to not do something. It’s most important to start. What can you do today to run your business forward?"

While you may have a big idea or want to change the world, try to think small and do something easily accomplishable in your current circumstances. If you need to work a full-time job, and only have time on the weekend to follow your true passion, find opportunities to leverage your passions at work. Never say that you don’t have the time - you need to make the time.

5. Have grit

Take the time to deconstruct what success looks like and don’t feel the pressure to fall into societal norms. Think about what inspires you, what challenges you, and what makes you unique.

You need to have grit; "it’s the most underrated, under-discussed and is the most important quality as an entrepreneur.. it’s hard to trust your intuition, but it’s the most important thing to be in tune to ones self."

Just remember that, "everyone is scared. Everyone has pain. Everyone questions their own worth," and you need to remember that your "passion is a pull instead of a push."

Follow your passion, have grit, start today - no excuses.

You can read more about Business is an Adventure Seattle over on Carolyn's website.

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