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"Fantasising about the future is one of my favourite pastimes," admits Richard Branson. "And I like to dream big. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small."

To help us all dream big the Virgin Group founder has convened six of the world’s sharpest minds - who are adept at successfully predicting change - to share their unique insights into the future of the workplace in 20 years’ time.

Across the next 12 weeks we'll hear from cognitive neuroscientist Araceli Camargo, futures analyst Dr James Bellini, entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, author and speaker Ben Hammersley, futurist Tracey Follows and Blockchain co-founder Peter Smith on how they think our lives will play out across the next two decades.

Each expert brings with them their own unique vision of the future, as we touch on every from flying cars to the fate of the office and the dangers of hyper-reality to the opportunities that will be afforded to us by the rise of the 'anywhere economy'.

Our experts: Araceli Camargo, Ben Hammersley, Cindy Gallop, Dr James Bellini, Tracey Follows and Peter Smith

Let's find out a little more about each of them...

  • Dr James Bellini is a respected TV broadcaster, futures analyst, writer and speaker. James is also a qualified Executive Coach with extensive experience working across multiple industries.  
  • Araceli Camargo is a cognitive neuroscientist, with a specialisation on perception. She is the co-founder of THECUBE London and INPUT Lofts in NYC, which are co-working spaces. As a science communicator she has worked with companies like Lloyds TSB, NHS, Bumpass and Parr, and Communicator Group.  Recently she co-founded The Centric Lab, which is in partnership with UCL. It is a lab focused on research on how people experience the built environment.
  • Cindy Gallop has had a celebrated career in advertising, marketing, branding and future thinking. He continuous pursuit to challenge and disrupt the status quo has  seen her become a voice and contributor to many big debates around hard, topical and challenging topics.
  • Ben Hammersley is a British internet technologist, journalist, author, broadcaster and futurist. He is a frequent contributor to many publications including Wired Magazine and BBC.
  • Tracey Follows is an award-winning futurist and works with client such as Google and Diageo. She speaks and writes regularly on the future of AI, gender, work and culture.
  • Peter Smith is the CEO& Co-Founder of Blockchain, a financial technology and data company. He is a regular contributor and speaker on new pioneering technology in the FinTech space.

Our Future Visions podcast series, which launches this week, will bring to life the thoughts of our experts. While here on virgin.com you will find in-depth features and animations that delve into the key points raised by each vision of the future.

Heading things up on the podcast, and the star of the Future Visions artwork, is award-winning businesswoman, broadcaster and author Natalie Campbell.

Natalie is the co-founder of A Very Good Company (AVGC), a global social innovation agency, that works with consumer brands to deliver public benefit and social impact.

Natalie also recently launched 'Badass Women's Hour', a weekly radio show on talkRADIO, part of the News UK group and a spin-off 'The Badass Principle' – a workout for the mind and soul'. As a non-executive director, she chairs the Nominet Trust and has governance oversight of over £1billion in public funding through her roles on the board of the Big Lottery Fund, UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs and the Mayor’s London economic strategy board (LEAP).

You can listen to the first episode right here, alternatively, head over to iTunes to subscribe.


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