Finding happiness at 2,000 ft

Happiness and hot air ballooning go hand in hand, so what better way to make a heart fly high than with a proposal in the skies?

At Virgin Balloon Flights we’ve seen many passengers get swept away with the romance of a hot air balloon ride and ask for their loved one’s hand in marriage, it’s a heart-warming moment none of us will ever tire of.

From our pilots to our call takers, we’re all romantics at heart and we love it every single time we get a proposal during one of our hot air balloon rides. In fact, we love them so much that we made this video featuring just a few of our ballooning marriage proposals during the past couple of years.

Sometimes a passenger will tell us in advance that they are planning to propose and we’ll go all out to help them plan an unforgettable moment. But even when it’s a surprise to our pilots and crew, we always do everything we can to help make it extra special for the couple.

And the happy romance of a hot air balloon ride appeals to more than just those about to start their loved-up lives together.

We’ve flown newlyweds on their honeymoon, couples celebrating special anniversaries such as their ruby or golden wedding and love birds who decided the only way was up and bought their other half a balloon ride for Valentine’s Day.

"After more than 22 years taking people up, up and away, we can definitely say that hot air balloons make you happy, whether you’re one of our awe-struck passengers, a Virgin balloon pilot or you’ve spotted our big red balloon in the sky, " said Tom Bleakley, one of our customer service supervisors.

"You’re never too old to get excited when you see a hot air balloon."

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Happiness is part of the job when your office is a basket 2,000 feet in the sky, with stunning 360 degree views for miles across the UK landscape.

But Tom said even those of us who don’t get to fly in the balloons every day smile our way through our work.

"It’s such a great feeling coming to work when your work involves hot air balloons.

"All of us get to fly in the balloons ourselves at some point and once you’ve experienced it for yourself, it really does make your day to know you’ve helped someone else also enjoy such an amazing experience."

Find out more about the happiness of hot air balloon over on the Virgin Balloon Flights website.

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