Expert tips in building resilience

As we strive to fulfil our potential a reality we’re faced with is that we have to learn to contend with a healthy dose of failure, not a string of successes.

The world’s leading entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes could all recount times of hardship. But what enabled those people to overcome defeat and forge ahead? One defining factor might well be that of resilience, which was the subject of the latest episode of Live.Life.Better. - the ultimate self-improvement podcast.

To delve into the topic host Melissa Hemsley was joined by authors Neil Shah (The 10 Step Stress Solution) and Emma Cannon (Fertility), who were able to share tips and tricks on overcoming obstacles and living a more relaxed life. While Sara Milne Rowe, author of new book The SHED Method, detailed a series of practices and personal routines to help you make better choices.

Whether it’s raising a family, building a successful career or overcoming personal hardships - resilience can play an important role in these life-defining challenges. Below are three takeaways from the recent episode, have a read and listen to the episode in full to discover more.

Let’s start with the basics, what does resilience actually mean? - Neil Shah

"It’s such an interesting word because it means so many things to so many different people. We live in a world that is only ever increasing in pace and intensity, most of us find ourselves swimming in a fast-moving river. The river gets faster day by day with new technologies, approaches and things that put more demand on our lives - most people aren’t equipped to deal with this and get ripped under by the current.

"For me, learning to increase your resilience is an opportunity to stand on the bank for a brief period of time. As when you jump back in the river you want to find yourself a little better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you."

Host Melissa Hemsley, Emma Cannon and Neil Shah.

Resilience is important, but so is vulnerability. - Emma Cannon

"For me resilience is how you deal with that life deals us… it’s about being able to adapt and there’s a springiness about it, it’s flexible. However there is a caveat to it, which goes back to the idea of Great British resilience - which has a slight toughness about it. We have to be careful and temper it with the ability to be vulnerable as well.

"We need to sometimes allow ourselves to go into a place of brokenness, as that place can sometimes hold the biggest potential for us."

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Resilience starts with taking care of our 'SHED'. - Sara Milne Rowe

"I work with leaders and people who want to become better, however they might define what better is for them. At the heart of the SHED Method is a simple methodology about the way we work, with SHED standing for sleep, hydration, exercise and diet. Like any basic shed if we don’t look after it or maintain it then it gets rusty, gets cobwebs and the hinges don’t work. Quickly all the tools we have inside it begin to rust as well.

"Maintaining a great shed is a great place to start if we want to be in charge of the choices we make in our life. Resilience is a matter of having control over your choices, fundamentally it’s about being able to choose your mood and being able to plan and move forward. Most of the resilient people I work with can do that, they waste very little energy on thinking about ‘why’ or blame."

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