Breaking Barriers podcast - Motherhood

Welcome to the Breaking Barriers podcast, hosted by social advocate, writer and engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Throughout this series we will showcase a frank and intimate set of conversations between those who hold power in sought-after industries and the people struggling to find employment due to barriers - such as having a disability, holding refugee status or gender discrimination - in their chosen sector. In this first episode, we take a look at the role of gender and motherhood in shaping a person’s career.

Renowned educator and CEO of the Woodland Academy Trust, Dan Morrow, manages over 250 people across four schools in England. Alison Golding is a volunteer at one of the schools under Dan’s leadership.

We listen in as the pair meet up at the primary school where Alison volunteers, for a revealing discussion about the obstacles to employment that motherhood, gender and mental health problems can present, as well as how both Alison and Dan were able to overcome their personal barriers through the love of their jobs in the education sector.

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Dan and Alison sit down for a frank discussion in the primary school where Alison volunteers
Yassmin goes through her lines in the studio.


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