Are you a traditional or modern leader?

Our recent interview with Gervase Warner, one of the Caribbean’s most experienced business leaders, unearthed an interesting tension in the region between two very distinct leadership styles...

"For me, I’ve had to come to master a particular style of leadership and really make it work. My natural style is to give people a lot of responsibility, autonomy to do things and be there if they need any help. I’m naturally not a big stick person, I prefer encouragement and the carrot approach," explains Warner.

"I worked in the states and now I’m in Trinidad, I can see that here we’re still stuck in the old, very hierarchical model of what leadership looks like - that doesn’t feel good to people. We’re not as far down the path to enlightened leadership as other places."

So what about you - which of the two approaches would, or do, you opt for? Take our leadership personality quiz to see which style best fits your mentality.

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