Me time and adventure: meet your goals for 2023 with Virgin Red

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
27 December 2022

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be tasks that are doomed to fail – they should be things you actually want to do. It’s much better to have goals that uplift and inspire you, that you’ll stick to because they help you grow and make you happy, all at the same time. 

Luckily, Virgin Red is packed with incentives to help you do exactly that. Whether you’re spending points on a helicopter flight to unleash your inner explorer, or earning points with downtime at the world’s best hotel, we’ve picked out eight resolutions to start your 2023 with a bang.


Amp up your reading list

Reading goes hand-in-hand with self-discovery – and all the more so if you’re dipping into books about career development or personal happiness. Nab a three-month membership with Rebel Book Club, supported by Virgin StartUp,  and explore a global community based around the latest and greatest non-fiction titles. Rebel Book Club has everything from leadership ideas to books on the science of wellbeing. 

Alternatively, if you’re more of a current affairs person, you can expand your world – and earn points – with a subscription to Readly, which gives unlimited monthly access to thousands of magazines and newspapers.

Bookmark some “me time” 

In today’s frantic times, it’s rare to find a moment alone to wind down and reflect on the day, but Virgin Red has a few treats up its sleeve to help you carve out the space. 

A luxury candle from Saint Fragrance London, for example, perfect with a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Or treat yourself to a wellness aromatherapy set, packed with delicious scented oils and pulse point roll-ons. And if you’re one of the many people cutting back in January, you may also want to enjoy Freestar’s low-alcohol beer.

Virgin Limited Edition
Virgin Limited Edition

Stay at the world’s best hotel

Mahali Mzuri is a retreat of dreams. The Virgin Limited Edition luxury safari camp in the heart of Kenya's Maasai Mara national game reserve provides guests with a front-row seat to the wildebeest migration, often described as ‘the greatest show on Earth’. 

There’s plenty more amazing wildlife to see, too, with twice-daily game drives and relaxation time at a hotel named by the 2021 Travel + Leisure Awards as the very best on the planet. With Virgin Red, you can earn thousands of points for each night you stay here.

Spend family time in nature

Most of us wish we could spend more quality time with the family, and Virgin Red has plenty of ways for its members to do so – all in the setting of the Great Outdoors. You could earn points on an annual National Trust membership: to inspire you and the little ones to get out and mosey around Britain’s many historic homes and gardens (with plenty of kids’ activities en-route). 

Or you might spend your points on a family-based Virgin Experience Days, such as a seal cave experience for two adults and two children, or an action-packed paintballing day for four.

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Tap your inner adventurist

“Remember that you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem” – so said Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh. 2023 is the year to prove that much-loved adage, with an adventure that stretches your comfort zone in some way. 

This could be anything from a foraging and wild food lunch experience to a helicopter flight for one – both Virgin Experience Days activities available via Virgin Red. The point is to learn something different and new that opens up your world.

Let music fuel your soul

What is life without music? Make sure you prioritise the tunes, artists and performances that make you happy in 2023 – so you can breeze through the year to a toe-tapping beat. How? Let Virgin Red be your guide. 

Stay tuned for an ever-changing collection of classic EMI records to buy with Virgin Points and don’t forget, you can also spend your points on a series of fantastic live performances at the AO Arena Manchester with access to the glamour-filled Virgin Red Room.


Plan your next great escape

Florida, the Bahamas, New York and Turks and Caicos. Virgin Red is brimming with Virgin Atlantic flights that you can purchase using reward points*; or alternatively, you can earn points on a flight of your choice, too. What better excuse to make travelling the world a New Year’s resolution? 

Hop on over to some exotic location, knock back cocktails, and discover a raft of new people and experiences. And you’ll arrive there thanks to Virgin Points; or clock up some more points in doing so. It’s a win-win.

Practise acts of kindness 

Around the world, communities are thriving and local neighbourhoods have found their stride, thanks to small, daily acts of kindness. As a member of Virgin Red, you too can be part of this heartfelt vision by donating your points to a range of local and national causes. Our partner charities include many examples of life-changing work, from emergency missions carried out by Air Ambulances UK to the world-class treatment at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the training provided at Guide Dogs, and so much more. 

Want more fun rewards in your life? Find out aboutVirgin Red and become a member for free.

P.S. We always do our best to include the most up-to-date information, but our offers do change from time to time. Click on each offer for the current points price and all the details. 

*Subject to availability. Taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges apply.