Everything you need to know about Virgin Trains Ticketing

A graphic of a man walking by a train with the Virgin Trains Ticketing app homepage
Virgin Trains Ticketing
by Limara Salt
16 February 2024

Got burning questions about how to get the best out of your train travel? Virgin Trains Ticketing makes it easy for travellers to choose the best journey and make savings thanks to no booking fees, split ticketing, and the opportunity to earn and spend Virgin Points.   

But if you're new to Virgin Trains Ticketing you probably have a few queries, so we’ve compiled the answers to your frequently asked questions about booking train travel, using Virgin Points, how to get assistance and which train ticket is for you. Read on for the answers on the most frequently asked questions.   

Is Virgin Trains Ticketing the same as Virgin Trains? 

That’s an easy mistake to make, but no. Virgin stopped operating trains in 2019 and Virgin Trains Ticketing is helping you book any journey, on any train across Great Britain and earn Virgin Points while doing so! 

Is there a website?   

There is a Virgin Trains Ticketing website where you can find out more about the service, the benefits, how to link your Virgin Red account and use Virgin Points on your rail travel. But if you want to buy and manage your tickets, we recommend you download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Why use Virgin Trains Ticketing over other apps? 

Well, with Virgin Trains Ticketing you can earn three Virgin Points per £1 on every journey which can be turned into fabulous rewards like a spa day, Virgin Atlantic reward seat flight, and much more. Don’t forget there is also split ticketing options and no booking fees with Virgin Trains Ticketing – zip, zilch, nada!

Can I use my railcard? 

Of course! You can’t buy them from Virgin Trains Ticketing (yet), but you can add your railcard when booking train tickets in the app.  

How are you cheaper? 

There are three ways to make savings with Virgin Trains Ticketing: 

  • No booking fees – ever  

  • Split ticketing options 

  • Unlock discounts on your next train journey using Virgin Points 

Customers can earn points on every ticket on every journey using Virgin Red

Can I get paper tickets using Virgin Trains Ticketing?   

Paper tickets are not available on all routes, but if they are you can choose between a classic paper ticket or go digital – it's totally up to you! Going paperless through the app is not just easy, it's a win for the planet, but if you're feeling a bit old-school or need a souvenir, snag your paper ticket at any station with a ticket machine (FYI the app will tell you if your chosen station has ticket machines).   

What types of tickets are there?   

There are a few options to choose from when making bookings on the app, but if you’re curious about ticket types and how they roll, check out this link for more details. 

Can I book tickets for the London Overground? 

Booking overground tickets is no different to any other booking. 

Why are trains so expensive? 

Train travel can really hit the wallet, but the Virgin Trains Ticketing team are working hard to save customers money and give them opportunities for rewards on top. The team are also campaigning for industry change so that buying a train ticket is easier and fairer.  

My train journey wasn’t the best – who do I contact?   

We’re sorry to hear that your train journey wasn't awesome. The Virgin Trains Ticketing team would love to help, but as they’re not the train operator there may be things they can’t assist with. It’s best to reach out to the train operator directly to give feedback or make a complaint regarding your journey.   

Why is there a charge for changing or cancelling my ticket?   

You can cancel your unused ticket within two hours of purchase with no fees or charge. However, after two hours a £10 fee per ticket will apply for cancellations, amendments, or refunds and unfortunately the Virgin Trains Ticketing team can't waive the charge unless your train is cancelled. For delays, you can claim compensation by contacting the train operator via their website. Remember: they just do the tickets, not the trains.   

How do I get a refund?    

Still want to claim a refund? No problem – the full details can be found on this page on the Virgin Trains Ticketing website.   

What is split ticketing?   

Split ticketing allows you to get the same journey for less. By allowing travellers to get multiple tickets rather than the one it saves you money on the same journey – the app will even tap into local fares and cheeky discounts for specific travel times. On average, Virgin Trains Ticketing customers have saved around £12 per trip if a split was found over the last six months.  

You can find more info on split ticketing here. 

What are Virgin Points? 

Virgin Points can be used to unlock future train travel as well as over a hundred rewards on everything from hot drinks for your journey to hot holidays abroad. Not a Virgin Red member yet? It’s never too late – join now

Do my Virgin Points have an expiration date? 

Nope! Virgin Points never expire. You're welcome.

There you have it – check out Virgin Trains Ticketing to start taking advantage of the many benefits of the booking service. Not a Virgin Red member yet? Not a problem. Sign up now to unlock rewards with every journey.