7 sweat-free ways to earn points on your workout with Virgin Red

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
23 March 2022

Whether you’re working out at home or taking a fitness break at work, finding the motivation to exercise can be an uphill battle – even during the last days of winter. If you’re not heading outdoors and instead tuning into a virtual class, it can still be hard not to get the energy.

The struggle is real but you can help yourself by creating incentives to kickstart a fresh set of healthy habits. As a member of Virgin Red, the rewards club from Virgin, you’ll earn points every time you treat yourself to new fitness gear, equipment or protein powders and shakes. 

The result? Not only do you have some beautiful new kit to inspire your next session, you’ll also have earned points that you can spend on reward flights, fancy meals, hotel breaks and more with Virgin Red and its partners. In fact, earning just 13,500 points will bag you a year-long online+ membership with Virgin Active – to complete the feel-good circle of fitness.

Want a little extra oomph? Get motivated with Virgin Red’s best ways to earn points on fitness and workout gear. 


Earn points on Apple fitness tech 

Having a fitness watch is a great way to power up your exercise routine, one habit at a time. You can track your step count, get on-the-go workouts, monitor your heart rate and more, all via a beautifully designed piece of tech. Apple Store is one of the leaders in the field, and with Virgin Red, you earn points for every £1 you spend on accessories (or any kind of purchase).

Earn points at Adidas 

Whether it’s a racer vest you want or a fresh pair of trainers, Adidas has all your fitness gear covered. Virgin Red lets you earn points on any purchase here, for iconic sportswear and an earning bonus all rolled into one. 

Earn points at New Balance 

Virgin Red partner New Balance is also a great bet for shiny new exercise threads, including loungewear and seasonal essentials. Points, points, points are yours for the earning with any purchase via Virgin Red.


Earn points at Myprotein.com

How fit you are goes hand-in-hand with what you eat – and Myprotein is your one-stop shop for sports nutrition. Stock up on whey protein, shakes, meal replacements and more, all while earning points from Virgin Red in the process.

Earn points at Nike 

If you’re in the zone for a little fitness refresh, Nike is also a great place to be. Get your fill of expertly crafted racing shoes, parkas, fleeces and more and top up your points with Virgin Red as you go. 

Earn points at lululemon 

Leggings, yoga kit, reversible bras. Whatever it is you’re looking for in the world of fitness, lululemon has inspiration to match. It even has a “we made too much” section where you can get your favourite gear for less. With Virgin Red in the mix, you’ll earn points along the way, too.


Earn points at Very.co.uk

You may be a golf kind of person or more into your boxing or darts. However you get your kicks, fitness-wise, Very.co.uk can rise to the challenge with a top-notch selection of equipment. Its sports and leisure collection is also packed with accessories, supplements and gym wear: all available with Virgin Points to earn en-route.

P.S. We always do our best to include the most up to date information but our offers do change from time to time. Click on each offer for the current points price and all the details.

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