The future is looking greener for the British Virgin Islands (BVI) thanks to some innovative sustainability initiatives on the ground.

Green VI is the BVI's Green Resource Foundation and with the support of the Unite BVI Foundation. The latter works closely with both Virgin Unite - the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group and the Branson family - as well as Necker Island, part of Virgin Limited Edition

Together, these organisations and foundations are making great strides toward a green, clean, healthy and prosperous region.

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Over the last decade, the amount of waste produced in the BVI has tripled. This is the cost of human progress.

To embrace a more sustainable future, we must understand and uphold the delicate balance between societal development and environmental conservation. All too often, this balance is thrown off course and it's our planet  that suffers. As Charlotte McDevitt, CEO of Green VI, puts it:

“Let’s remember that the weather extremes we’re experiencing are due to human activity – the way we consume our natural resources, the way we produce our energy and food, and the way we manage our sewage and waste.”

Green VI understands that change needs to come from every level of society to be effective and have implemented a broad range of initiatives to address this, including:

  • Organising community clean ups and garden projects.
  • Supporting education programmes and learning incubators.
  • Advocating for a ban on single-use plastic products.
  • Establishing recycling stations and catalysing nation-wide recycling scheme.
  • Developing technology and equipment to turn waste into resources.
Unite BVI Recycling Bins

By engaging the community, government, businesses, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs with their practical, educational and innovative projects, Green VI and Unite BVI are creating meaningful, inclusive and long-term systemic change.

“As we rebuild the beautiful BVI, let’s do so with wisdom. The hurricanes of 2017 showed us what is important in life; it is now time to value, respect and nurture each other and the natural systems that keep us alive,” said McDevitt.

Find out more about the ways Green VI and Unite BVI are developing sustainable solutions and working toward a greener future for the region.