BMR Energy – a Virgin Group investment and lead developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects in the Caribbean and Latin America – has acquired a five-megawatt solar plant in the Cayman Islands.

This is the country’s only utility-scale solar facility and a key contributor to the nation’s renewable energy goals and resilience.This announcement builds on momentum from a successful year for BMR Energy.

Throughout 2018 the Virgin Group company continued to work towards Richard Branson’s goal of accelerating renewable energy adoption and building a cleaner, more resilient energy future for the Caribbean and Latin America.

An accelerator to create the world's first clamate-smart zone launched in August, with 29 Caribbean natoins signing up to help build a greener, stronger and more resilient Caribbean, powered by clean, sustainable energy. "The potential for renewable energy across the world is massive, especially here in the Caribbean. We are perfectly placed as an example from which clean, innovative energy solutions can scale" said Richard Branson. 

BMR dedicated much of 2018 to restoring existing solar projects that endured damage during the 2017 hurricane season and exploring new promising markets for renewable energy in the region. 

BMR currently has projects in:

The Cayman Islands solar farm includes a total of 21,690 photovoltaic panels and has been operational since July 2017. The facility is sited on a former rock quarry – generating clean, renewable energy without impacting undisturbed areas on the island. All power generated by the solar farm will contribute to the grid’s peak load of about 110 MW and provide power to more than 800 homes.

“We are pleased to establish operations in the Cayman Islands and contribute to its transition to renewable energy,” said Bruce Levy, CEO of BMR Energy. “Our team is looking forward to driving facility operations to boost efficiency to deliver as much clean energy as we can for the community and look forward to expanding our Cayman operations in the future.”

BMR is working closely with Caribbean Utilities Company to provide reliable renewable energy to end users supporting the Cayman Islands’ national target of supplying 70 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by 2037. As an island vulnerable to climate change, the Cayman Islands are also part of the Paris Agreement and have signed a mandate to make the transition to renewables.

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