The Virgin StartUp team are regularly supporting businesses that embody Virgin Unite’s business ethos of championing people, planet and profit.

With a purpose to support and grow entrepreneurs – both financially and through mentoring – Virgin StartUp have assisted hundreds of ideas flourish into successful and sustainable businesses – it’s something everyone here at Virgin Unite is extremely inspired by.

This week we’re talking about Transformify. A business transforming the way people get jobs all around the world, we caught up with co-founder Lilia Stoyanov to find out more…

Virgin Unite, Transformify

Tell us a little about your business: 

Transformify is a CSR marketplace connecting independent contractors worldwide with businesses that are willing to hire them. We aim to provide remote job opportunities to those who need them the most: people living in high unemployment areas, post-war zones, single parents, people with disabilities, people on the Autism Spectrum, etc.

We help our business partners FILLET as they discover how to:

  • Fill open roles quickly while minimising costs
  • Increase their ROI dramatically by boosting productivity and lowering recruitment, administrative and payroll costs
  • Let Transormify consolidate contractors worldwide in a single contract
  • Lead the way in promoting social responsibility in business for the good of the local community and the nation at large
  • Effectively help manage unemployment-driven immigration, curb carbon emissions, the balance between overcrowded cities and abandoned rural area
  • Take full control of their business with a socially-responsible platform that really works. Independent contractors are paid only after they approve the payments.
Virgin Unite, Transformify

Tell us a little about yourself – your background, where your passion for business stemmed from, what drives you?

- Lilia Stoyanov – CEO at Transformify and Partner at Service Optimizer.

I’m a Fintech and social enterprise enthusiast, and was previously an auditor at EY, GM & CFO at Skrill/Paysafe, Director Procure To Pay & Local Ethics Officer at Coca-Cola Enterprises. Everwise workplace mentor. ACCA, PGDip Financial Strategy Oxford University, M.A. Accounting & Assurance, B.A. Management Academy of Economics. I love travelling, parasailing and paragliding, and am driven by new business models that change people’s lives for good.

- Deesislav Kamenov – CTO at Transformify.

IT enthusiast and entrepreneur with 10+ years of Fintech and IT experience. Solutions Architect at Skrill/Paysafe, the world’s second largest digital wallet. Previously Head of Business Analysis, Software Development Manager and Software Developer. B.Tech. Robotics Technical University Sofia. I enjoy swimming, snowboarding, video games and a healthy lifestyle.

How did you come up with the Transformify idea?

Two years ago I restructured the business of a Fortune 250 company. Lots of people were laid off and faced challenges in finding a job locally. I thought ‘What if they don’t need to relocate? What if they work remotely for a business located on the other side of the world?’ To prove the concept, we developed Transformify relying on virtual contractors only. Besides the co-founders, the other team members have never met. Our team is in the UK, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia and Bulgaria.

How did you hear about Virgin StartUp and what made you decide to make contact?

I admire Sir Richard Branson and followed him for years. Virgin StartUp has an excellent reputation and a vast network of valuable business contacts and mentors. So we joined in January 2016 and received a loan in May.

Virgin Unite, Transformify

What difference has it made since joining Virgin StartUp? What has been the change in your turnover and how many new people have you been able to employ?

After joining Virgin StartUp and participating in Virgin VOOM, our Alexa rating went up 250 000 points and the user base grew by 20 per cent. Our revenue grew by 45 per cent.

How is your business benefiting the wider community and the environment?

We provide remote job opportunities to those who need them the most, thus improving the wellbeing of families around the world and boosting the local economies. We believe that it is in mankind’s hands to make the world we live in a better place. Remote jobs may contribute to the solution of a few major problems:

  • Help people in a disadvantaged position to make a living
  • Lower unemployment in areas with high unemployment rates
  • Help manage immigration, as unemployment is one of its main drivers
  • Help manage the balance between overcrowded cities and abandoned rural areas
  • Curb the CO2 emissions related to daily commuting inside overcrowded cities

What does it take to form a business into an identifiable brand?

To build trust and communicate clearly the mission of the business.

Which modern leader do you look up to and why?

Sir Richard Branson. His passion and ability to execute complex concepts could only be admired.

If you could have three powerful people on speed dial, who would they be and why?

The CEOs of Amazon and IBM as both companies are in Top 100 Companies hiring remotely, and a senior executive from the United Nations. Together we can transform for good the lives of thousands of people all over the world.