Clayton Planter is an entrepreneur from Bristol committed to changing the lives of people living on the streets.

With a passion for providing second-chances, Clayton launched Street2Boadroom – a programme dedicated to offering an alternative to a life of crime – in turn focusing on up-skilling young people and adults from the streets to become successful business entrepreneurs.

The Street to Boardroom course is designed for young people/adults who find themselves caught up in a wide range of illegal activity – from selling drugs to theft and robbery. By giving them the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence-building, those enrolled on the course are able to apply what they have learned from the streets and use it to build a career. The course runs for eight weeks and is free, encourages personal development throughout alongside support mentoring every step of the way. 

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Taking this to the next level, Clayton is now focused on developing a smartphone app that will bridge the gap between life on the streets and the business world.

“A lot of adults nowadays can’t really interact with young people, particularly if they’re from a different background. They have a different culture, a different language. The street app will enable them to communicate.” says Clayton.

“For instance you might hear someone say ‘wa gwan?’ and not have a clue what it means. So you ask the app and you find out it’s ‘how are you doing?’ And of course, it will work the other way round, to help young people understand corporate language.

Plans to grow Street2Boardroom are already in motion and Clayton plans to develop the concept into an internationally recognised brand. As well as the ‘street app’, further ideas include a board game, a book and a branded clothing range – plans are even underway for a potential TV show!

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“The potential of this is massive”, says Clayton.

"We’re looking for investors, but we want to find the right people who are in it for the love, not just the money. People who will feel inspired by changing someone’s life, and want to be with them on their journey”.

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