It is hard to find the words to describe how I feel about the Eve Branson Foundation. As another year closes and another soon to begin, without an ounce of doubt, my Foundation has been the thing I am most proud of in my working life, and it has kept my love affair with Morocco burning bright. I am yet to find anywhere on earth quite as beautiful, or people so welcoming, as in Morocco. It truly is my second home.

As we near the end of 2017, I find myself looking back and reflecting on what we have achieved and about the people and families whose lives we have enriched along the way. I beam with pride when thinking of the strength and determination of all the young people who have entered our craft house and now create beautiful products to sell.

That said, I have never been one to dwell on any given moment for too long – for me looking forward to what comes next ensures you always have new adventures on the horizon and exciting things to look forward to. To that end, in 2018, we will be launching a new website for the Eve Branson Foundation, which will feature some of the beautifully handmade gifts made in the EBF craft centres. 

Eve Branson, Flo Devereux, EBF

As you can imagine, keeping up with all these projects and developments requires boundless energy and fresh ideas, and I can think of no better way to continue the work of the EBF, than to welcome someone from the next generation.

With that, allow me to officially welcome my wonderful granddaughter Flo to the Eve Branson Foundation team. Flo is bright, vivacious and brimming with enthusiasm for the work we do with the Berber community. I have complete faith that she will continue our wonderful work and successfully take it to the next level... all of course, while her granny watches over. Welcome Flo. Go for it!