Virgin Unite’s Director of Community, Katie Hunt-Morr, recently facilitated meditation sessions on Necker Island.

Watch the below video of one of these breathtaking sessions and hear about the ways Katie uses meditation to help keep a clear mind and maintain her most productive, happy and healthy self. 

My top tips on integrating meditation into your life: 

  • Don’t worry about having to do it “right.” Meditation is simply quieting the mind and finding a single point of focus. Don’t worry about all the books and trainings and products. Just dive in. 
  • Experiment to find what works for you. Try different points of focus. The most common approach is focusing on your breath, counting your exhales from 1–10 then starting back at 1. 
  • Make yourself comfortable. The cross legged posture we see on the cover of magazines doesn’t work for everyone. Play around until you find a setup that feels comfortable – you can sit on cushions, in a chair, or lay down (just make sure you don’t fall asleep). 
  • Find a time of day that works with your personal patterns. If you’re too tired, too wound up, hungry, etc. then you’ll have a hard time focusing. 
  • Be kind to yourself. The practice part of meditation is getting lost in thought then bringing yourself back to the point of concentration. We all lose focus – be gentle with yourself and stick with it. Start with five minutes and build from there.

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