The Branson Centre went through some massive changes in 2017 – one of which included the relocation of our office from Montego Bay to Jamaica’s business epicentre, Kingston.

Our move to Kingston meant we had to say goodbye to our extraordinary founding Montego Bay team and embark on a new beginning. Whilst sad, this gave us the opportunity to welcome a new set of individuals with fresh ideas and passion for entrepreneurial development.

We’re really excited about our new team members – they’ve added so much to the wonderful culture here at the Branson Centre. With many more exciting moments on the horizon (we’ll be celebrating our seventh anniversary in September!), we wanted to introduce you to our new team members and help you get to know them better.

Virgin Unite, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean, Gizelle Riley

Meet our Entrepreneur Training Manager - Clare Bailey

Clare is an experienced business strategist with a proven track record of providing, innovative, forward-thinking, and culturally diverse approaches to business solutions at both Fortune 500 and start-up companies in the United States, South Africa and Jamaica. She is a proud alumna of Texas Southern, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Master of Business Administration. We sat down with Clare to learn a little more about the woman behind the training. Here are some things you should know about Clare:

  • She loves the outdoors. Bungee jumping, camping in Kruger National Park, and purchasing a cabin are the top three things she has listed on her bucket list.
  • Her proudest moment to date is returning to Jamaica. Clare is a world traveller. She has lived and worked in several countries for close to two decades, honing her skills in business and management. Clare is excited to return to her home country and contribute to its development in meaningful way.
  • Her favourite thing about working at the Branson Centre Caribbean is… the team. Clare loves the team dynamics and says that she sees the potential for everyone do great things together.
Virgin Unite, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean, Gizelle Riley
  • Her favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. When asked why she loves the book, Clare said that she feels like the book is reflective of her personal quest. Clare notes that the book’s protagonist learns that life is about the journey and not the destination. This fact resonated with her and solidified her belief that it is important to value each experience - which should not be viewed separately but in its entirety.
  • She has an upbeat personality. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends in small groups and intimate settings. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing people happy – that, and smiling babies.

We’re excited to have Clare as one of the newest additions to the Branson Centre family! Her expertise and innovative ideas adds significantly to her role as Entrepreneur Training Manager. Clare is responsible for the development and coordination of all of the Centre’s training initiatives; ranging from virtual platform training, the organisation of workshops, boot camps and other evaluative processes. 

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