On November 30th, Paris will host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – ‘Paris 2015’.  The conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate from all the nations of the world. But what does it all mean?! Good question. Our content series aims to break down everything you need to know about climate change (but were too afraid to ask)!

The winning of the carbon war: part seven

Writer, campaigner and social entrepreneur, Dr Jeremy Leggett is the founding director of Solarcentury – the UK's largest independent solar electric company. Ahead of the Paris Climate Summit in December, Jeremy is releasing a free-download, live series around the winning of the carbon war, with the vital final scene played out on the last night of the Summit. Read his latest extract below.

Everything you need to know about shale gas (but were too afraid to ask)

It’s easy to see why some people are getting exciting about shale gas. As the world rallies against the impacts of our changing climate, shale has been thrust into the spotlight as something of a poster boy of low-carbon energy generation. But it’s more complicated than that and it’s not necessarily the panacea to global warming we hoped it might be.

Can electricity and water mix?

Aside from evil Bond villains and the characters of a famous Beatles’ song, not many people have ventured aboard a submarine (yellow, or otherwise), but commuters in Stockholm are one step closer now their local ferry service is using advanced submarine technology in order to make their watery jaunt quieter and greener.

Everything you need to know about net zero emissions (but were too afraid to ask)

Of course, all of the talk in the run-up to the UN climate talks in Paris this December will be on cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. But by how much? What percentage of reduction of the nasties in the atmosphere is enough?

How cities can stand up to climate change

The commitment from dozens of countries to reduce their emissions – in anticipation of the UNFCCC’s Climate Conference in Paris – shows that much of the world is preparing to move toward a cleaner, healthier future.  

Everything you need to know about ‘planetary boundaries’ (but were too afraid to ask)

Enabling that understanding of something as abstract as climate change has been a tough nut to crack  – one of the most famous examples of helping people visualise what the world is up against is through the concept of planetary boundaries.

Closing the flat-pack door on climate change

Imagine what it feels like to have your home and all its precious contents taken away from you, with no warning. Imagine heading into the night with only the clothes on your back and nowhere safe to sleep.

Everything you need to know about ocean acidification (but were too afraid to ask)

When we think of climate change and its impacts we often look to the skies, pondering the impact of thosegreenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere, disrupting weather patterns and heating up our world. However, the world’s oceans are also worth considering for a moment...

My world is melting. Please help us

A few years ago, Theo Ikummaq, an Inuit from a tiny Arctic village, travelled to New York City with the message, “My world is melting. Please help us.”

That journey led to the creation of the film Chloe and Theo – a film that will change the way you look at the world.

Why we need to keep the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350ppm

You’d be forgiven for thinking that 'ppm' was some texting abbreviation that you hadn’t quite grasped yet. In fact, it stands for ‘parts per million’ and it refers to the measurement of a chemical mass in the atmosphere. 

Image from Virgin.com

Redesigning cities for a better future

Excited by the landmark collaboration launched between Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Austin and Denver, to redesign the cities, making them more cost effective, efficient, convenient, cleaner and safer. 

Image from Sustainia

Solar-powered drip irrigation for smallholders 

Whilst it might seem unlikely that the sun can water the fields in Kenya, that’s exactly what a new solar-powered drip-irrigation system is doing for countless numbers of smallholder farmers and their thirsty crops.

Image from Carbon War Room

Setting sail for a better future

Concerned about the growing risks of climate change, Virgin Unite launched the Carbon War Room (CWR) in 2009 to advance the low-carbon economy. Over the past six years, the non-profit organisation has successfully worked with companies, communities, institutions, and entrepreneurs to identify big issues that can be tackled with business solutions. 

Everything you need to know about the '2 degrees phenomenon' (but were too afraid to ask)

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse on the climate change debate, you’ll probably have heard the temperature of 2 degrees thrown around a lot. But what is it referring to? And what is the significance of this number?

Arctica - images of a fragile wonderland

Sebastian Copeland has created Arctica: The Vanishing North, a beautiful tribute to one of the most stunning and remote places on earth. Hi goal was to pay homage to the beautiful Arctic landscape, and in doing so draw awareness to its perilous plight.

Image by Greg Rose

Innovation prizes and looking to the future

Reflecting on the launch of the Global Goals, it is wonderful to see how quickly and how far word is spreading about this ambitious set of targets for a freer, more prosperous future for the planet and its people.

Everything you need to know about climate change (but were too afraid to ask) - COP

When it comes to solving climate change, much of the talk centres – rightly or wrongly – on the ability of the world’s politicians to negotiate a deal that will set a cap on just how much pollution each country should be allowed to create. We explore what happens at the Conference of Parties or COP for short.

Turning a liveable city into a smart city through citizen engagement

There is a small but fundamental difference between a ‘smart’ city and a ‘liveable’ one, and it pivots on citizen participation.

Everything you need to know about climate change (but were too afraid to ask) - Climate change vs. global warming

There is much confusion in the world around 'climate change’ – a term so often thrown around and used interchangeably with ‘global warming’ when attempting to describe what is happening to our planet. And while the two terms are very much related they do describe two different phenomenon.

Image by Greg Rose

Transitioning island energy for a better future

As residents of the Caribbean, my family have experienced first-hand the impact that climate change has on this planet. Living on Necker Island we are often subjected to powerful hurricanes and tropical storms.

Everything you need to know about carbon dioxide's role in climate change (but were too afraid to ask)

We’ve heard about greenhouse gases warming the earth, but climate experts are particularly antsy about carbon dioxide, or CO2. It's time to learn the facts about carbon dioxide, its impact on the planet, and what we should be doing about it. 

Everything you need to know about greenhouse gases role in climate change (but were too afraid to ask)

In short, greenhouse gases (GHG) trap heat in the atmosphere and warm up the earth. It’s important to note that they’re not all bad though – if it wasn’t for greenhouse gases holding in heat from the sun, the earth wouldn’t be kept warm. The difficulty comes when we have too much greenhouse gas...