The B Team and Safaricom today announced plans to create The B Team – Eastern Africa, a new not-for-profit initiative, created by regional business leaders to catalyse a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

By raising their collective voice and leading by example, The B Team Eastern Africa will catalyse CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs to lead their companies and sectors in a more sustainable direction.

Speaking at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Conference hosted by Safaricom, CEO Bob Collymore said members of The B Team Eastern Africa will help more companies to go further and faster on their journey to sustainability.

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“Working together, we can demonstrate that it's possible to create companies in which doing what's better for the planet and its people is also better for business,” Collymore said. “There is no business argument for a world that continues to consume and produce itself into oblivion. We need an economic system that does a better job of extending prosperity to all, reducing inequality, and preserving the planet for future generations.” 

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Bob Collymore

The new leaders will commit to participate in at least one of the organisation’s anchor initiatives: Net Zero by 2050; Governance & Transparency; 100% Human at Work – and by joining calls to action and advocacy statements on key policy issues, at critical moments.

 Working together, we can continue to grow a continent-wide business movement in Africa

Through this, they will collectively respond to 10 critical challenges facing business, such as reducing environmental impacts, increasing business transparency, adopting longer-term business strategies and ensuring fairness and equity for workers throughout the supply chain.

“This is an important step in our mission to facilitate a global transition to more sustainable ways of doing business. We’re pleased that CEOs and other leaders here have expressed an interest in joining forces with us,” said Keith Tuffley, CEO of The B Team. “Working together, we can continue to grow a continent-wide business movement in Africa, operating in ways that address our most acute ecological and social challenges, and protecting the health and well-being of millions.”

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Keith Tuffley

The launch of The B Team in Eastern Africa kicks-off a broader global campaign, in which The B Team will organise regional platforms around the world to increase the number of company leaders who are willing and able to “step up” and lead this transition.

The announcement comes on the heels of the release of a new report, produced by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, which provides substantial evidence of the massive global economic opportunities that can be unlocked by new business models focused on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The commission reports that achieving the SDGs will be worth at least US$1.1 trillion by 2030 for the private sector in Africa, potentially creating more than 85 million new jobs, with affordable housing accounting for more than 13 million of these jobs.

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