Everyone here at Virgin Unite is thrilled with the news that the Australasian B Team has launched.

The B Team Australasia is a new regional platform enabling committed business leaders across Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia-Pacific, to collectively drive progress towards a better way of doing business, addressing critical issues across the region.

The newly formed collective will work to develop forward looking principles to advance human dignity in a changing world of work, in addition to driving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Virgin Unite, The B Team, 100% Human at Work

The Sydney launch event, hosted by Perpetual, featured Richard Branson, Co-Founder of The B Team and Founder of Virgin Group, and Radek Sali, B Team Australasia Member and Chairman and Founder of Light Warrior Group. Members of The B Team Australasia will work to spark private sector commitment to carry out their new vision for the future of work, one that empowers workers and communities, across their region and the world. “I am proud to be part of this global collective of business and civil society leaders working together to make business a force for good,” said Richard Branson.

The B Team Australasia’s varying sector backgrounds will help to bring unique perspectives to the Team’s agenda, especially around the Future of Work project and principles, which will be released next year. According to The B Team, “It’s critical to prepare now for the impact emerging technologies, including new, green industries, will have on our lives and on our workforces especially in the Australasia region. With these shifts, business must commit to a just transition - involving workers, unions and communities in plans around these changes, leaving no one behind and ensuring all new jobs are decent jobs.”

Virgin Unite, The B Team, 100% Human at Work

A core message of The B Team since its launch in 2013 has centred around the understanding that if businesses are to be competitive in the future, they must show that they care for employees and communities. This is crucial to both the success of business and society in a world of emerging technologies, alarming increases in global temperature and growing inequalities. The B Team Australasia’s vision embraces this message and will work for a just and inclusive future, driven by bold business leadership.

Virgin Unite, The B Team, 100% Human at Work

David Gonski, Co-Chair of The B Team Australasia and Chairman of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ Bank) shared his thoughts about what the B Team’s expansion into Australasia will mean to the region, “The B Team provides a wonderful opportunity to bring those involved in business in our region together to focus on, consider and offer solutions to some of the issues generally affecting society in the longer term.”

The B Team is a catalyst for bold dialogue and brave business action toward a fairer, greener and more human economy and its mission and impact to date reflect the tremendous power of the private sector to drive long-term, inclusive, sustainable economic growth.