With reports estimating that a devastating 21.3 million refugees were forced to leave their homes by the end of 2016 – half of whom were children – The B Team are urging the business community to work together to welcome refugees and migrants.

Through the release of the report: 'Refugees & Migrants – An Opportunity for Humanity', The B Team outline a clear case for businesses to help resolve the global refugee crisis, to spread a unified message of acceptance and openness, and to provide support to help people to achieve safe, healthy and financially secure lives.

The time for businesses to take unified action has never been more urgent. And while the international community continues to work toward new principles for protecting the human rights of refugees and migrants, the business community has also been mobilising.

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Refugees

The B Team is a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet. B Team companies such Allianz and Unilever are already taking positive action help to help solve the global crisis and the report highlights just how these companies are demonstrating the impact business can, and must, have moving forward.

'Refugees & Migrants – An Opportunity for Humanity' outlines eight key ways that businesses can get involved. Below is a top-line overview of the eight actions, all of which are outlined in depth in the full report.

  • Leveraging your core business: Companies can support refugees and migrants through their core operations, including internal procedures, hiring practices, training, sourcing policies and supply chains, as well as through the development of products and services appropriate for refugees.
  • Create jobs: By supporting entrepreneurship, establishing internal policies and programs, and proving the rights skills and language training, refugees and migrants will be able to offer new business opportunities and expand companies’ portfolios.
  • Give and invest for impact: Businesses can give financial contributions, relief items and strategic social investment support to NGOs, UN and multilateral agencies or to those directly affected by the crisis.
  • Use your voice: Advocate for respectful societal and governmental action. The TENT Alliance and OPEN Refugees Work Report provides key areas and policies that businesses can seek to change. 
Virgin Unite, The B Team, Refugees
  • Change the narrative: The current narrative focuses on refugees and migrants as a “challenge” and this needs to be changed to one of opportunity. Businesses can use their communications channels and convening power to start telling the stories that are not yet being told.
  • Change the system: For the world to have 60 million displaced people, the system is clearly broken. Business must work with governments, civil society and other leaders to reinvent the system and ensure that there is a structured and tangible global support system for refugees and migrants.
  • Join the TENT alliance: As a TENT Alliance partner, your organisation will be connected with other like-minded businesses.
  • Be human: Personally lead by example and never accept the unacceptable. Stand up for refugees and migrants and call out unethical behaviour. 

"Welcoming refugees is not only a humanitarian and legal obligation; it is an investment that can yield significant economic dividends." - The B Team

Together, we can help to solve this global crisis by supporting relief efforts and helping refugees regain control of their lives.

We encourage you to share The B Team's report with your colleagues and your friends and join us in standing up against the stigma and misinformation that dominates the debate. Ensure the conversation is based on facts, not fear and use your voice and become and agent for change, because refugees are and should be welcome – always. 

To learn more about The B Team and how they're working towards a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet visit their website and follow their updates across Facebook and Twitter.