A world where business is motivated primarily by profit – is no longer an option.

Consumers, customers, investors and prospective employees are increasingly drawn to companies that want to do more than make money – companies that want to be of service to society and the environment.

As a consequence of this, entrepreneurs that embed purpose in their company’s DNA from the beginning enjoy a greater competitive advantage – an advantage that The B Team call being "Born B". In today’s fast-changing, more purpose driven world, "Born B" companies are attracting better customers, investors and top talent – all while improving their ability to address global challenges.

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Born B

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Born B

Not surprisingly though, many entrepreneurs struggle to find the best way to embed purpose in their new businesses – they then struggle to use it as a driver of growth and innovation, despite having the right instincts and intentions.

If every single business took on just one global challenge, we could solve them all.

– Richard Branson, Born B San Francisco, 2016

It’s here where The B Team comes in – a global group of business leaders , working to grow a movement of entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world building companies that are “Born B”. 

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As a first step on the path to becoming "Born B", The B Team is encouraging companies to measure their current social and environmental impact through the Born B Impact Assessment. The assessment highlights the ways businesses can start to embed positive progress throughout their operations and value chains. It also helps with benchmarking company progress against others within the same sector. 

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Impact Assessment

Virgin Unite, The B Team, Impact Assessment

The B Team, in partnership with Unilever, recently hosted an intimate conversation with key business figures that raised awareness of the value of embedding purpose in a company from the outset, and which covered both the challenges and opportunities in doing this.

To learn more about how successful businesses have established a purpose-driven approach at the heart of their organisations, and how they are using it successfully to drive higher performance, watch the below ‘Beyond Profit’ video: A conversation with The B team about the future of leadership.


The B Team was formed and incubated in 2013 by Virgin Unite  and a group of partner organisations with a collective mission to catalyse a movement of business leaders driving better ways of doing business for the wellbeing of people and our planet. Richard Branson is a co-chair and serves alongside a global group of leaders working together to accelerate Plan B.

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